HDPE Bottle Recycling Machine

HDPE  bottle recycling machine is a plastic bottle recycling equipment, used to recycle the waste of HDPE plastic bottles, containers, and brackets. Such as plastic milk bottles, shampoo bottles, medicine bottles, PE drinking bottles, plastic basins, plastic buckets, etc. This HDPE plastic bottle recycling can be crushing washing and drying the dirty HDPE plastic into clean plastic flakes.

HDPE Bottle Recycling Machine

After plastic bottle flakes are cleaned, you can make them into pellets/granules with the next process, which is called the plastic pelletizing machine. In addition, you can use clean flakes directly. The HDPE recycled material can be used to produce plastic pipes, plastic sheets, plastic boards, plastic canisters, etc.


After this HDPE plastic bottle recycling machine, we also supply the following recycling lines of PP HDPE plastic pelletizing machine, that can make the washed HDPE flakes into HDPE pellets/ granules.


HDPE Bottle Recycling Machine Video:


Why do we need to recycling HDPE bottles?

High-density polyethylene, commonly abbreviated as HDPE, is a commonly recycled plastic. In the recycling facility, post-consumer HDPE bottles are firstly sorted based on different types and colors, then they are shredded or granulated, washed and further dried, the final product is called HDPE flakes which are used as raw material for manufacturing new products. With a high strength-to-density ratio, post-consumer HDPE bottles are typically down-cycled into durable plastic goods such as plastic tables and chairs, corrosion-resistant pipes, plastic lumber, etc. HDPE bottle recycling line helps to recycle HDPE bottles in a very efficient and labor-saving way.


How to recycling HDPE bottles?

A typical HDPE bottle recycling machine consists of below parts:

1. Bale Breaker (also known as Bale Opener/De-baling machine): breaks HDPE bottle bales, enabling the bottles to flow freely onto the belt conveyor for further processing.
2. Primary Separation (by using Disc Screener, Trommel or other separation equipment): for removing small contaminants such as broken glass, metals, rocks, loose caps, etc.
3. Manual Sorting: manually sort the bottles by different types and colors.
4. Electrostatic Separator / Metal Detector: detect and remove any metal contaminants
5. Shredder: for primary size reduction of HDPE bottles.
6. Screw Conveyor: washing and transportation of shredded HDPE flakes
7. Granulator: for secondary size reduction into even smaller pieces.
8. Screw Conveyor: washing and transportation of shredded HDPE flakes.
9. Sink / Float Separation Tank: for cleaning HDPE flakes and separating most contamination
10. Hot washer: clean the HDPE flakes using boiling hot water which sterilizes and further gets rid of contaminants such as glues, grease/oils, residual liquid, etc.
11. Dewatering machine: uses centrifugal force to spin away from a large portion of water
12. Hot air dryer: thermal heaters are used to dry HDPE flakes


HDPE Bottle Recycling Machine Before and After:

Once HDPE bottle recycling machine is finished, Wanrooe tests it with similar materials to show capability and output. Seeing is believing, so you are greatly welcome to present and witness with us on site. If you cannot make in person, detailed videos and numerous photos will be prepared for you to exam.

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Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you your HDPE bottle recycling project in detail and recommend you the most suitable solution which best fits your needs.


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