Biomass Recycling Machine

Biomass recycling machines can treat straws, branches, roots, cornstalks, wooden pallets, bean stalks, etc. The whole process includes a conveyor belt, shredder, buffer silo, wood crusher, wood briquetting machine, cooling silo, and weighing and bagging machine. Biomass recycling machine businesses that convert waste into alternative energy (energy production) can use this machine for a continuous supply of fuel. The resulting material has uniform dimensions and a high calorific value and can be used as an alternative fuel for boilers and furnaces. PLC intelligent system realized high automatic, the whole biomass recycling machine just needs 1-2 man to operate. With 20 years of experience in recycling, Wanrooe not only mastered the key technology but also improved machine designs to address specific product features. Wanrooe offers biomass recycling solutions that are high output and low energy consumption.

Biomass Recycling Machine

What is biomass waste?

Biomass waste refers to perishable products made from biomass and their derivatives, including kitchen waste, crop waste, livestock manure, etc. These wastes can be converted into organic fertilizers through processes such as composting and fermentation, and can also be used to produce biomass energy. The characteristics and transformation process of biomass waste can make it a reusable resource, which has important application value in agriculture, energy and other fields.


Why do we need to recycle biomass?

Biomass waste, such as kitchen waste, if not recycled, will lead to environmental pollution, such as soil and water pollution. By recycling biomass waste, the damage caused by waste to the environment can be reduced. Recycling biomass waste can turn it into reusable resources such as compost, biofuel, etc. These resources can be used in agriculture, energy and other fields to maximize the utilization of resources. Recycling biomass waste can reduce the generation and accumulation of waste, reduce waste disposal costs, and reduce the occupation of land resources.


Biomass Recycling Machine Process:

Conveyor Belt →Wood Shredder→Conveyor Belt→Buffer Silo→Wood Hammer Crusher → Silo→ Wood Briquetting Machine→ Conveyor Belt→Cooling Silo→Weighing and Packing Machine

wood recycling make fuel pellets process

Biomass recycling machine process includes the following steps:

    1. Waste biomass is fed into a hydraulic sing arm shredder for initial shredding.
    2. The resulting waste biomass chips are passed through a suspended magnetic separator to remove any metal contaminants.
    3. The waste biomass chips are then passed through a magnetic separator to further remove any metal contaminants.
    4. The waste biomass chips are then collected in a buffer hopper for further processing.
    5. The waste biomass chips are then passed through a hammer crusher to create wood sawdust.
    6. The wood sawdust is collected in another buffer hopper for further processing.
    7. The wood sawdust is then compressed into pellets using a wood chip pellet machine.
    8. Finally, the wood pellets are weighed and packaged using a weighing and packaging machine, Pack the qualified pellets from 10kg, 20kg, or 1 ton into a plastic bag, and then sew with a thermoplastic sealing machine to make the pellets dry and waterproof.


timber shredder, waste wood shredder, wood board Shredder, MDF wood shredder, timber shredder for sale Industrial Waste Wood Crusher For Sale
Wood Shredder

Waste biomass products contain metals, such as nails and bolts, which pose a threat to general shredders. With intelligent control and nitriding-surface hardening rotors, Wanrooe shredders are not afraid of foreign objects.

Wood Hammer Crusher

Wood hammer crusher processes small wood chips with a diameter of less than 20mm into sawdust with a diameter of less than 8mm.

Biomass Wood Briquette Press Wood Briquetting Machine wood hammer crusher, hammer crusher, wood crusher, pallet crusher, wood crusher machine for sale
Wood Briquetting Machine

The wood briquette press makes dry sawdust into pellets, and the output of a single machine can reach 3t/h.

Wood Chipper Machine

To make wood into chips with less than 5 cm. Drum wood chipper is an ideal equipment to produce large-capacity woodchips. The uniquely designed reducing device ensures the long-term stable operation of the equipment.


Biomass Recycling Machine Video:

Biomass Recycling Machine Application:

Biomass recycling machines can recycle wood logs, branches, wood crates, wood boxes, MDF, Chipboard, OSB, Hardwood, Softwood, Logs, Joinery Offcuts, Pallets, Waste Timber, Skeletal Waste, Bark, Chipboards, Sawmill waste, Wood residue, Cap timber, Veneer, MDF boards, Bark, Solid Timber Waste and Demolition wood, wood boxes, wood waste, tree trucks, etc.
wood pallet recycling application


Biomass Recycling Machine Advantages:

Environmental protection: By recycling waste biomass, you can reduce the consumption of wood resources and reduce the amount of garbage in landfills, which is beneficial to protecting the environment.

Cost Savings: Recycling waste biomass can provide a low-cost solution that avoids the high cost of waste disposal.

Energy Utilization: After recycling waste biomass, they can be processed into wood pellets and used for biomass energy production, providing a sustainable source of energy utilization.

Increased revenue: Recycling waste biomass can also generate additional revenue for businesses, as wood pellets can be used to make a variety of furniture and building materials.

In short, waste biomass recycling machine is not only beneficial to environmental protection but also brings economic benefits to enterprises.


Looking for a solution to recycle waste biomass into wood pellets? Look no further! Our innovative recycling process turns old waste biomass into high-quality wood chip pellets that can be used for a variety of applications. Not only does this process help to reduce waste and promote sustainability, but it also provides a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to dispose of waste biomass. Contact us today to learn more about our waste biomass recycling machine and how we can help you turn waste into a valuable resource.

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