HDPE Plastic Drum Recycling Machine

HDPE plastic drum recycling machine can treat with plastic drum, bucket, basket, barrel which composition is PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, etc. The whole process includes shredding, crushing, water rinsing, friction washing, dring by washing system; plasticization, pelletizing and drying by the pelletizing system. PLC intelligent system realized high automatic, the whole line just needs 3-4 man to operate. With 25 years of experience in recycling, Wanrooe not only mastered the key technology but also improved machine designs to address specific product features. Wanrooe offers HDPE plastic drum recycling solutions that are high output and low energy consumption.

HDPE Plastic Drum Recycling Machine


Why should we recycle HDPE plastic blue barrel chemical drums?
HDPE plastic big blue barrel/chemical barrel as a common storage container, mainly used to contain some chemical liquids, anti-corrosion reagents storage and transportation. The chemical nature of the plastic barrel temperature, will not present corrosion phenomenon, and long life, so by everyone’s widespread use. HDPE chemical barrels, plastic big blue barrels, also have a certain danger, because it does not belong to the general solid waste, belongs to the industrial hazardous waste, and need to clean the big blue barrels to achieve the reuse of resources.


HDPE plastic big blue barrel chemical barrel recycling economic value
After a professional shredding, pre-crushing, washing, hot-melt granulation, modified for water supply pipe, pressure pipe, communication pipe, corrugated pipe, water supply pipe, drainage pipe and other kinds of pipe granulation.

HDPE Plastic Drum Recycling Machine


How to recycle HDPE plastic big blue barrel chemical barrel?


HDPE plastic drum recycling machine process flow:

double shaft shredder→conveyor →crusher machine→screw feeder→floating washing tank→screw feeder→high-speed friction washing machine→floating washing tank→horizontal dewatering machine→pipeline dryer→storage silo→plastic pelletizing machine


First of all, the waste blue barrels for a level of treatment, with double shaft shredder to make blue barrels shredded into strips, reduce the volume of materials; then use the blue barrel crusher for secondary crushing, the blue barrels crushed into granules; then it will enter the pool for cleaning, and then into the vertical dewatering machine for dewatering and materials can reach 98% of the dewatering rate, after the collection of HDPE blue barrel granules can be made into new plastic granules through the plastic granulator, for recycling. The recycled use.


HDPE Plastic Drum Recycling Shredding Machine:
A heavy-duty Swing arm single shaft shredder downsizes a plastic drum into 30mm wide pieces within 10 seconds. Thanks to the vertical pusher, it keeps a drum in closed contact with blades. The high-torque rotors shear a drum immediately.


HDPE Plastic Drum Recycling Crusher:
Crusher is an essential step in producing uniform 12mm particles. The high-speed rotor in assists water inflow, realizing granulating and washing at the same time. WANROOETECH granulator equipment a hydraulic screen cradle and hopper as well as a knife jig, which greatly reduces service time.


HDPE Plastic Drum Recycling Washing Machine:
Sink-float tank stirs the buoyant regrind, leaving contaminants and chemicals to sink or dissolve. There is a screw conveyor to pick up and discharge sinking materials. Next, we have a friction washer that rotates at 1000 RPM to spin out contaminants and debris. At the end of washing, a centrifugal dryer carries out the dewatering, minimizing the water content to 1%.


The Plastic Drum Recycling machine produces 12mm dried and clean HDPE flakes, while containment and unwanted like paper labels are removed. The collection rack comes with 2 chutes where you can feed to one big bag at a time. Of course, the built-in cyclone filters the dust.

The output regrind can mix with resin for all kinds of plastic processing such as injection molding and blow molding.


HDPE Plastic Drum Recycling Pelletizing Machine:
To further enhance the quality of the regrind, it is suggested to integrate a pelletizer proceeding to Wanrooe HDPE plastic drum washing line.


HDPE Plastic Drum Recycling Washing Machine Video:


HDPE Plastic Drum Recycling Pelletizing Machine Video:

HDPE plastic drum recycling machine advantages:
High regrind quality
Good visualization
Simple control via touchscreen
Versatile applications to all kinds of plastic containers
The integrated system detects and monitors all processes


Wanrooetech provides HDPE plastic drum recycling machines, according to your recycling material, and provides customized recycling services to meet your different needs, we will help you save investment costs and labor costs, and we have professional engineers one-on-one to help you solve your questions, If you have chunks of HDPE plastic drum sitting in factories and are interested in recycling them, Please contact Wanrooe for consulting.


If you want more information, quotation, please leave us a message! when sending the inquiry, please describe your parameters or technical requirements (such as processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.)

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