Hollow Plastic Milk Bottle

Normally milk bottles can be in plastic bottles, glass jars or even paper cartons. Also if it is a plastic milk bottle, high-density polyethylene (i.e. HDPE) is its raw material. When large amount of plastic milk bottles or milk cartons are available for collection, the transportation of these hollow products become a headache. Thus a milk bottles baler machine is a good solution for size reduction of the materials.

Hollow plastic milk bottles recycling
Hollow plastic milk bottles are almost HDPE milk bottles. So they are recyclable for most recycling centers worldwide. Companies collect these HDPE milk bottles and take them to large professional facilities for further processing. During this transportation, a milk bottles baler is quite useful because it can compress the bottles into regular high density bales which are very easy for handling. So you can benefit from it to minimize energy consumed in transport. In processing center, HDPE bottles will have sorting, cleaning, and shredding process. Finally they will be melted down to further refine the polymer. Then it can be cooled into pellets for manufacturing new plastic products.

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