Waste Plastic Recycling Machine

Wanrooe Machinery is a supplier and manufacturer specializing in the research and production of plastic granulator/pelletizer and waste plastic recycling washing lines. The main equipment includes plastic film granulator machine, plastic bag granulator machine, plastic bottle pelletizer machine, fabric/fiber recycling granulator, waste film recycling washing line, waste bottle recycling washing line, pp woven bag recycling washing equipment, PP PE ABS PC plastic recycling line, etc.


Wanrooe Machinery is committed to tailor-made solutions for waste plastic recycling production lines for customers, providing you with reliable quality, simple operation, and reasonable price waste plastic recycling complete sets of equipment, complete process solutions, and timely after-sales service.

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Waste Plastic Recycling Machine Application:
Waste plastic recycling equipment has a wide range of applications, can crush, wash, dewater, dry and pelletized waste PE PP PET HDPE LDPE PVC EPS ABS PC materials.

Waste Agricultural Film Waste PE PP Film Waste PP Woven Bag Waste Tons Bags
Waste Agricultural Film Waste PE PP Film Waste PP Woven Bag Waste Tons Bags
Waste PET Bottles Waste HDPE Bottles Waste Plastic Barrel Daily Chemical Bottle
Waste PET Bottles Waste HDPE Bottles Waste Plastic Barrel Daily Chemical Bottle


Waste Plastic Recycling Machine Video:

Plastic Film Washing Machine

PET Bottle Recycling Washing Pelletizing Machine

Waste Plastic Recycling Line Features

Efficient recycling: The production line is designed to be simple and effective, with highly efficient operations that can easily handle a large amount of waste plastics, including waste plastic products, dirty agricultural films, and waste packaging materials.
Environmental protection and energy conservation: The entire production line achieves efficient recycling and regeneration of waste plastics during operation, reducing environmental pollution. At the same time, its design also meets energy-saving requirements, reducing energy consumption.
High degree of automation: The production line adopts advanced equipment and technology, achieving automated production control, improving production efficiency, and reducing labor costs.
Multifunctionality: The production line can handle various types of waste plastics, such as PE, PP waste agricultural films, plastic films, etc., with a wide range of applications.
Good cleaning effect: The production line includes steps such as crushing, cleaning, rinsing, squeezing and dehydration, which can thoroughly clean waste plastics and ensure the quality of recycled plastics.
High quality recycled products: The waste plastic processed by the production line can be recycled as fuel or remade into plastic products, meeting the first level of clean sheet requirements and meeting the demand for reuse.


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