Industrial Agricultural Plastic Film

Plastic film is a broad category of flexible plastic that is used in a wide variety of applications, such as shopping bags, garment bag, food bag/wrap, bubble wrap, pallet wrap, shrink wrap, paper towel and toilet paper overwrap, air packs (from shipped packages), agricultural covering film, etc. Plastic film products bring great convenience to our daily life, but improper disposal of waste plastic film produces harm to the environment which is widely known as “White Pollution”. White pollution not only adversely affecting nature’s beauty but also leads to health hazards. The landfill is not a long term solution, because the degradation cycle of current plastics is at least 200 years in general. Plastic film recycling really makes great sense. Some plastic film recycling machines like plastic film shredder can help to make whole recycling easier.<br/>

Plastic film recycling machine is suitable for the crushing, cleaning, separation, drying and packaging of waste materials such as PE/PP film, waste packaging plastic, domestic garbage plastic, waste agricultural film mulch film, industrial packaging film, industrial waste film, PET bottles with different pollution levels. The crushed and cleaned film can be used for sales, granulation, injection molding and blown film, etc., turning waste materials into recyclable raw materials. The entire production line, from waste to finished products, has the characteristics of easy operation, high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy saving. We can customize the optimal solution for users with an output of 300-2000 kg/h according to their needs.