Cement Bag Recycling Machine

Cement bag recycling is designed for recycling cement bags and other woven bags that contain a lot of sediment and dirt. Cement bag recycling machine has high crushing efficiency and strong washing and drying capabilities. Usually, an integrated solution is customized for the customer based on the actual needs of the customer and combined with the actual situation of the region where the customer unit is located. This recycling solution is mainly used in the production line for shredding, crushing, washing and then granulating various waste plastic films such as PP/PE. The product has high gloss and high output.

Plastic Film Recycling Washing Pellezting Machine

Why recycle cement bags?

Cement sacks have three main components which are virgin material, masterbatch and UV coating. Virgin material can be either paper or plastic. Both paper cement sacks and plastic cement sacks have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, paper cement sacks normally have lower cost but higher filling speed. However, plastic cement sacks have the advantage of cleanliness and less dust. From sustainable development or environmental point of view, paper cement sacks have more chances to use renewable materials as their raw material during manufacturing. But plastic cement sacks also can be made from recycled polymers.

Waste cement bags are one of the common waste materials in the construction industry and are usually made of paper or plastic materials. In order to achieve resource recycling and reduce the impact of waste on the environment, crushing, recycling and reusing waste cement bags is an important environmental protection measure.

Cement Bag Recycling

Cement Bag Recycling has the following benefits:

Environmental friendliness: Cement bag recycling is an environmentally friendly behavior. Due to the fact that cement bags become waste materials during use, if discarded indiscriminately, it can cause environmental pollution. Recycling cement bags can effectively reduce environmental pollution, reduce dependence on natural resources, and help protect the ecological environment.

Resource reuse: The recycled cement bags can be processed and reused through a series of processes, such as making them into burlap bags, garbage bags, etc., and their usage effects are similar to those of new materials. This reuse method not only extends the service life of cement bags, but also reduces the demand for new resources, which is conducive to achieving sustainable utilization of resources.

Economic benefits: Cement bag recycling can bring emerging raw materials to the packaging industry, achieve a green circular economy model, save resources, reduce costs, and bring economic benefits to enterprises.


Waste Cement Bag Recycling Video:

Waste cement bag recycling process:

The recycling process of waste cement bags mainly includes the following steps:


Classification: The collected waste cement bags need to be classified into paper and plastic cement bags. Cement bags of different materials require different methods in subsequent processing.


Cement Bag Shredding: Shredding waste cement bags. A double single shaft shredder machine is usually used to crush the cement bags into smaller particles. The double single-shaft shredder adopts a new cutter shaft design and wear-resistant coating. The fixed cutter can be ground and continued to be used after use. The cutter holder can be removed and replaced, which can reduce the customer’s operating costs by more than 90%. The service life of the cutter shaft Increases 2-3 times.

Wear-resistant coated cutter shaft design for double-single-shaft shredder

Cement Bag Washing Machine: PP cement bags need to be cleaned to remove dust and dirt and ensure the quality of recycled materials.


Recycled pulp production: For paper cement bags, shredded materials can be used for the production of recycled pulp. Recycled pulp can be used to make new paper products, such as paper bags, cartons, etc.


Cement bag pelletizer: For plastic cement bags, shredded materials can be used for the production of recycled plastic pellets. Recycled plastic pellets can be used to make new plastic products, such as plastic bags, plastic containers, etc.


Alternative fuel production: Waste cement bags can be used through professional alternative fuel (RDF/SRF) production lines to increase the calorific value of the product to replace traditional energy sources while reducing pollutant emissions and turning waste into treasure.


Cement Bag Recycling Machine Advantage:

Customized design to meet your needs. Turn your trash into treasure.
Design capacity: 300-10000 kg/h.
Automated Smart Control System.
High reliability & low maintenance cost.
Brings great value-added products to you.


Recycling cement bags is a sustainable practice that helps reduce waste and promotes a circular economy. Through bag collection, thorough shredding, washing, plastic pelletizer/granlator and other methods, cement bags are converted into valuable recycled plastic particles. Wanrooe can provide a variety of waste cement bag shredders and cement bag recycling machines. Welcome to consult!

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