HDPE SRTP Pipe Recycling Machine

HDPE SRTP pipe recycling machine is mainly used to deal with the diameter of less than 400mm steel srtp pipe, the entire recycling line contains shredding, crushing, magnetic separation, and ultimately can be separated from the steel wire, steel and plastic, the entire recycling process only requires 1-2 people, fully automated, equipped with PLC automatic control program, save time and effort, with stable performance safe and reliable and so on.

HDPE SRTP Pipe Recycling Machine

Why do we need HDPE SRTP pipe recycling?
Steel wire reinforced thermoplastics composite pipe is a new and improved steel skeleton plastic composite pipe, also known as srtp pipe. This pipe is made of high strength over plastic steel wire mesh skeleton and thermoplastic polyethylene as raw materials, steel wire winding net as the skeleton reinforcement of polyethylene plastic pipe, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as the substrate, using high-performance HDPE modified bonding resin will steel wire skeleton and inner and outer high-density polyethylene closely together so that it has an excellent composite effect, that is, through the steel wire winding device in It is realized by winding steel wire on the outer wall of the inner tube and then compounding the outer tube. Due to the complex structure of the product, which contains steel wire mesh, therefore, the recycling of steel wire mesh composite pipe has become a problem, it is difficult to achieve the steel wire mesh and plastic pipe can be completely recycled, reducing the value of reuse.


How to recycle HDPE SRTP pipe?
Feeding – shredding – conveying – crushing – magnetic separation – plastic + steel wire or steel belt

HDPE SRTP Pipe Recycling process

Steel wire reinforced thermoplastics composite pipe recycling machine, including shredder, crusher, conveyor, and magnetic separation. In the feeding part, we design the shredder as a side feeding, which can shred the whole tube without cutting, and the shredded steel wire mesh skeleton tube, through the conveyor belt into the crusher, through the crusher crushing out the material through the magnetic separation of the material separation, and finally get the steel wire and plastic crushing material.


HDPE SRTP Pipe Recycling Machine Video:

HDPE SRTP pipe recycling machine main equipment:



Features of HDPE SRTP pipe recycling machine

1. The whole SRTP pipe can be shredded, whether 3 meters, 6 meters, or 9 meters, and can be put directly into it, without cutting off, reducing labor, to ensure the safety of
safe production.
2. The crusher blade selection of special tool steel H13, steel wire/steel strip shear has high strength toughness, not easy to damage the blade, thus reducing the loss.
3. The choice of two magnetic separations, steel wire and crushed material separation rate can reach 99%.


HDPE SRTP pipe recycling machine Parameter:

Model SWPR-250 SWPR-400
Capacity(kg/h) 400 700-800
SRTP pipe diameter(mm) <250mm <400mm
Power(kw) 102 138
Weight(kg) 9900 11900

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