Medicine Board Pharmaceutical Blister

Aluminum plastic medicine board is the waste material, defective packaging and leftover materials produced by pharmaceutical factories or medical institutions. There are single-sided aluminum drug boards and double-sided aluminum drug boards. Single-sided aluminum-plastic medicine board aluminum content is generally 10-12%, double-sided aluminum content is higher. Plastic is generally PVC material, but also PP material. The aluminum-plastic medicine plate separator is a set of processes to decompose these wastes into aluminum and plastic. Aluminum can be made into aerated aluminum powder paste, fireworks powder, etc., plastic can be processed into sheets, PVC and other materials.

Why we need aluminum plastic separation recycling?
Aluminum-plastic recycling is a field of high economic returns. Aluminum would earn $1325 per ton, to be split by the municipality and recycling company- -all good news for municipalities, recycling companies, and our environment.
Besides that, you will find a lot of examples of plastic aluminum composite in our daily life, for example, aluminum composite panel, aluminum composite pipe, aluminum foil packaging, aseptic composite packaging waste (asepticfoil, bottleneck foil, and yogurt lids), aluminum plastic board, waste medical blister, etc.
Therefore, aluminum-plastic separation means a lot to us.

How to recycling aluminum plastic medicine board ?
The waste aluminum plastic panels packaging and other materials enter the crusher through the conveyor belt and are processed into small flakes through the crusher. The flake materials enter the plastic pulverizer to grind into powder, and the bucket-lift feeder transports the aluminum-plastic mixture to the electrostatic separator machine separates the aluminum and plastic materials, and all the exhaust gas is concentrated in the pulse dust collector, and the dust in the exhaust gas is removed and discharged into the air.

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