Sugar Canes Bagasse Recycling Machine

Sugar canes bagasse recycling machines can treat biomass which composition is sugar canes, paddy straws, agave bagasse, cane trash, etc. The whole process includes chain plate conveyor, biomass shredding and conveyor. PLC intelligent system realized high automatic, the whole line just need 1-2 man to operate. With 20 years of experience in recycling, WANROOE not only mastered the key technology but also improved machine designs to address specific product features. WANROOE offers sugar canes bagasse recycling machines that are high output and low energy consumption.


Why do we need to recycle bagasse?

Sugarcane bagasse has the characteristics of concentrated source, large output, simple collection, small transportation radius, and relatively stable composition and homogeneous nature, which can meet the requirements of concentration, continuity and homogeneity of raw materials required for industrialization.


Sugarcane bagasse is not only a treasure house of natural polymer materials and green chemicals but also rich in biomass energy, which is a high-quality biomass raw material for sustainable development.


Overseas bagasse is mainly used as a fuel to burn in boilers to generate electricity. For example, many sugar enterprises in Mauritius, Brazil, India, Australia, Thailand, Cuba and other countries with sugar cane industry use bagasse as fuel to generate electricity to meet the energy needs of sugar mills, and supply electricity to nearby farms by networking with power companies, so as to reduce the consumption of other resources such as coal and reduce the cost of electricity, and to reduce environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions to a certain extent.


How to recycle bagasse?

Generally, for transportation convenience, bagasse will be packed for transportation afterward, and the size of the bagasse after packing is relatively large, so we need to convey the packed bagasse to the rocker shredder through the plate chain conveyor belt, and then the bagasse will be shredded through the rocker shredder, and then the shredded bagasse will be conveyed out through the discharge conveyor belt, which can be used to burn biomass for power generation.


Main Equipment:

Chain plate conveyor

It adopts hinged galvanized chain plate for material transmission, which is characterized by large load-bearing capacity and strong wear resistance and has functional control functions such as remote start/stop, emergency stop and speed.


Swing arm type biomass shredder machine

Looking for high throughput like 30-50ton/h, a swing arm type single shaft biomass shredder is an ideal model. Thanks to its high torque and super large chamber, materials in bales and in loose form can easily be disintegrated and size reduced.

Swing arm type biomass shredder machine

By transforming waste into energy, biomass shredding systems (biomass shredder) are becoming more popular. Biomass is used as an alternative fuel to produce electricity or heat.


Advantages of Biomass Shredder:

High throughput from 10ton/h to 40ton/h.

Output size is manageable about 50mm.

Helps to prevent natural resource depletion by generating renewable energy

Diverts from landfills

Reduces waste

Work with pelletizers to produce high-caloric wood fuel

Easy to use and maintain

Environmentally friendly operation


Biomass Shredder Applications

Lumber industry: trunks, branches, bamboo, wood pallets

Home use: garden trimming, food waste

Industry use: wooden crate, wooden pallet, woodcraft size reduction.

Agricultural use: sugar canes, paddy straws, agave bagasse, cane trash.

Briquette and pelletizing.



The discharge conveyor conveys the shredded bagasse, which can be used to burn biomass for power generation.



Our robust and durable bagasse recycling machines are highly customizable to cater to the needs of the energy industry and recycling business. Our biomass shredder specialists are ready to help you to transform waste into energy.


Interested in learning more about our biomass bagasse recycling machine? Feel free to contact us now!

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