Medical Waste Management

Medical waste management is a solution for medical waste treatment. It is harmless to the medical waste’s high-temperature steam sterilization method. The sterilized medical waste is delivered to the waste incineration plant incineration or the comment landfills for landfills.

Our product range includes both pre and post autoclave shredding technologies for centralized plants and hospitals. Our large product portfolio offers every possibility for our customers in terms of equipment capacity and sterilization methods.

The medical waste sterilization equipment has been engineered and designed using advanced engineering tools. Wanrooe treats every project as a special project and offers custom-made solutions for different customer and project requirements.



Environmentally Friendly Autoclave-Based Sterilization

Up to 80% Volume Reduction

Turnkey Solutions in Pre and Post Autoclave Shredding

Centralized and Hospital Type Sterilization Capacities

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Wanrooe Autoclave Experience and Know-how

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Why does Medical Waste Management?

Medical Waste Increasing Concern for the World


The hazards of medical waste:
Health Risk
Sharps Related Risk
Environmental Risk

medical waste type

Medical Waste Management has utmost importance. to both the environment and the people.

Every year an estimated
injections are administered worldwide, but not all of the needles and syringes are properly disposed of afterward [WHO]


1,5-2 kg of medical waste is generated per bed each day on average around the world

Currently, the incineration method is widely used around the world.


However, incineration of health care wastes can result in the emission of dioxins, furans, and particulate matter [WHO]

Alternative sterilization systems: microwave and frictional heat treatment


High initial investment and maintenance cost in the microwave and frictional heat treatment methods.


Temperature only reaches around 100°C in the Microwave method whereas minimum of 138°C is required for proper sterilization.

As per WHO’s directives, medical waste should be treated as environmentally friendly as possible.


Autoclave Based Medical Waste Technology
Environment Friendly
High ROI

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Environment-Friendly Steam Sterilization By WANROOETECH

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Medical Waste Autoclave Shredder POST SHREDDING

Medical Waste Autoclave Shredder
1. Automatic Loading Process
2. Shredding Process
3,5 BAR [50 PSI] 138°C(280°F)
3. Vacuuming
4. Sterilization Process
5. Unloading Sterilized Waste


1. Automatic Loading Process
2. Vacuuming
3,5 BAR [50 PSI]138C [280°F]
3. Sterilization Process
4. Shredding Process
5. Unloading Sterilized Waste


Fully Automated Autoclave-Based
Pre and Post Autoclave Shredding Technologies Feature:
Excellent After Sales Service
User Friendly
Competitive Price


 Automated medical waste high-temperature steam sterilization treatment system
The track is manually pushed or automatically delivered, and then sterilized the broken process. This is currently the most widely used medical waste treatment technology in the country. The medical waste is loaded into a special sterile vehicle and overall into the sterilization chamber for sterilization. After processing, the waste was poured into the crusher for destruction treatment, and then rescued the reduced damping.

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Medical waste treatment system features:
● For large and medium-sized centralized treatment plants, suitable for the concentrated treatment of medical waste
● Professional anti-corrosion technology, equipment average service life is up to 15 years
● With exhaust gas waste liquid integrated treatment technology, the overall energy consumption is reduced
● Specious control technology to achieve similar technology levels in Europe and America
● Operation intelligence, processing process is automatic, PLC computer control (sterilization temperature, time can be adjusted according to actual requirements)
● It can realize the automatic charge, unloading, sterilized vehicle of medical waste, the transfer and cleaning of the turnover box, no need to manually intervene, can effectively reduce the number of equipment operators and reduce labor intensity. Establishing infections caused by direct contact with medical waste.
● Can avoid the spread of the pre-bacterial pellets in medical waste
● The sterilizer is more likely to meet the requirements of medical waste treatment, and continuous or intermittent operation can be achieved.


Medical Waste Management Disposal CAD drawing

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