Vehicle Bumper Plastic Car Bumper

Why should vehicle bumper shredder is needed in vehicle bumper recycling?
On modern automobiles, bumper consists of a plastic cover over a reinforcement metal bar. It is attached to vehicles’ front-most and rear-most ends, and designed to protect the car’s body in collision by absorbing the impact. With the rapid development of economy, more and more people can afford cars, and this results in an increasing number of cars being produced, used and thrown away. Vehicle bumper recycling is a good solution. Some recycling machines like vehicle bumper shredder can help to make whole process much easier.

Bumpers comprise a large proportion of the plastic material used on automobiles. Conventionally, scrap vehicle bumpers are incinerated to recover heat energy (thermal recycling). With the growing environment protection consciousness and improvement in technology, end-of-life vehicles (ELV) bumpers are now collected and recycled into raw plastic resin for use in producing new plastic products such as green mesh, geogrid, building materials, waterproof materials etc. Raw material recycled from waste vehicle bumpers can also be made into new vehicle bumpers by mixing the raw material with 7% glass fiber as well as certain percentage of PBT material. Such green recycling not only improves material recycling ratio (MRR) but also makes significant contribution to more effective use of resources.

Commercial Values of Car Vehicle Bumper Recycling
The recycled raw material from scrap vehicle bumpers can also be converted into new vehicle bumpers by mixing the raw material with 7% fiberglass as well as a certain percentage of PBT material. This environmentally-friendly business not only improves the material recycling rate (MRR) but also contributes significantly to the more efficient use of resources.

How to recycling vehicle bumper?
In vehicle bumper’s recycling process, unwanted materials such as metal attachments will be removed firstly, and then the plastic material is shredded into small pieces. After coating is removed, the crushed small pieces will be further washed and dried. At last, after sorting, the cleaned pieces will be melted and produced into granules which serve as a raw material for making new plastic products.

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