Plastic Foam

Plastic Foam is a kind of bulky plastic that is used everything in our daily life, from furniture padding to construction insulation material, from packaging to disposable beverage cup. Due to such wide applications of foam in both consumer as well as industrial fields, millions tons of foam are produced every year and consequently a great deal of foam waste is generated. Proper recycling of such foam waste becomes significantly important not only to our economy but also to the environment. Plastic foam recycling machines like plastic foam shredder make whole recycling easy.

Foam has three main types: Polystyrene foam (EPS foam & XPS foam), Polyethylene foam (PE foam), and Polyurethane foam (PU foam). EPS foam is bonded up by many small beads of expanded foam, and most commonly used in the production of packaging and disposable beverage cup; XPS foam is mainly used as an insulating material in construction industry; PU foam is used for the production of furniture padding, sports mats etc; PE foam is most commonly applied as a protection medium of packaging to protect goods from getting damaged during transportation. Fortunately, all these three types of foam are recyclable, and nowadays numerous recycling plants are set up for recycling these foam scrap.

Plastic foam shredder in foam recycling
Foam is quite an expanded material and also quite bulky, thus very difficult to handle and transportation cost is high. As a piece of size reduction equipment, shredders are used by almost all foam recycling facilities to shred/grind the bulky foam into small sized granules. These shredded particles/granules can be either added into concrete to make building blocks, or can be cleaned, heated, extruded, and pelletized to make new products such as light-weight furniture, packaging, fencing, flower pots etc.

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