Cable Wire Recycling Granulator

Waste cable wire recycling equipment is a machine that can crush and sort used cables to separate metal and plastic. WANROOETECH PNCR series cable wire recycling machine can recycle and treat waste automobile wires, car bottom wires, motorcycle wires, computer wires and communication cable, etc. According to different materials and processing capacity, the configuration can be adjusted so that the purity of metal and plastic separation is as high as 99.9%.

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What’s in the waste cable that could be recycled?

Cable wires are composed of internal metal and external plastic. Recycling cables can separate metal and plastic. After recycling, copper, aluminum and plastic particles can be obtained.

Cable Copper Wire Recycling Granulator Final Product

What types of cable wires could be recycled?

WANROOETECH PNCR series cable wire recycling machine can recycle hair wire, harness wire, communication wire, installation wire, power cables with copper or aluminum conductors, copper wire, ACSR-wire and mixed household wire.

waste copper cable wire

How do we recycle cable wires?

The waste cables or wires will become plastic pellets and copper particles after been crushed. The mixed will jump and move ahead like wave type on the vibrating screen mesh surface. With airflow function and screen box straight shock excitation, the sheath and core will be separated, and get copper particles, plastic pellets and mixture from different outlet areas.
Cable Copper Wire Recycling Process

Cable Wire Recycling Process Video:

Cable Wire Recycling Granulator Components:

1. Cable Wire Recycling Shredder( Single Shaft Shredder)
The wire and cable are shredded, and the cutter is made of LD material, which has high hardness and strong wear resistance.

Cable Wire Copper Shredder Single Shaft Shredder


2. Magnetic Separator
Through the magnetic separator, the metal removal rate reaches 99.7%
Cable Wire Copper Magnetic Separator

3.Cable Wire Copper Crusher Granulator
Through the specially designed chip cutter shaft, different types of wires and cables are broken to below 2-5mm to achieve complete separation of plastic and metal. The whole machine adopts a split box design, which is convenient for maintenance and has strong impact resistance. Large-size external rotor bearings prevent damage due to material movement. High-precision secret processing of rotor and box liner, which can be replaced and has a long service life.

Cable Wire Copper Crusher Granulator

4. Air flow separator
The wires are mainly sorted according to the different densities and aerodynamic characteristics of the materials, and the purity can reach more than 99.5%. The material passes through the material equalizing plate in the cabinet and is automatically and uniformly scattered on the sintering screen plate which performs the reciprocating vibration and the upward airflow. Due to the different specific gravity, the materials are automatically classified. Light materials go down and heavy materials go up. With an airflow sorting machine, the crushing material is divided into two parts depending on the specific gravity, and the copper and a small amount of copper and a plastic mixture are obtained.

Air flow separator

5. Electrostatic Separator:
Electrostatic separator is mainly made up of a high-voltage electrostatic generator, frame, insulation board, conveyor belt, driving wheel, rotating wheel, recycling board, discharge electrode and metal protective net. It works on the principle of corona discharge, where two plates are placed close together and high voltage is applied.
This high voltage is used to separate the ionized particles.

Electrostatic Separator

6. Pulse Dust Collector:

When the pulse bag type dust collector is operating, dusty gas will enter the ash hopper through the gas inlet. Owing to the rapid expansion of the gas volume, on the one hand, the part of coarse grains of dust fall into the ash hopper are affected by inertia, on the other hand, the fine grains of dust goes up into the filter-bag chamber with the airflow. The exhaust gas passes through the pulse, and the exhaust gas is purified by the effect of the airflow pulse and the filter bag therein, thereby discharging into the air.

Pulse Dust Collector



1. Large handling capacity, suitable for large-scale production.
2. Manual feeding material for one time, multiple machines combined for automatic separation.
3. Adopting PLC to control the whole system, having stable performance.
4. The copper recycling rate can reach 99%.
5. The plant adopts air and vibration separation, with no water pollution.
6. Equipped with dust collector, no dust pollution.
7. The voltage can be customized according to your requirements.


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