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PP Woven Jumbo Bag Washing Line

Usually,PP woven jumbo bags are always very dirty and with a lot of residue material. Before Pelletizing, usually, we have to washing them first, after we get the clean PP woven bag scraps, and then we can pelletize them. As you know, the PP woven jumbo bag is too strong to crush/grind for common crusher machine/granulator,additionally, most of PP woven jumbo bags have a specially strong belt. That is why it is a headache problem for some small factory or company to resolve. After several years developpment and great effort, WANROOETECH factory now have got a effectives turnkey solutions to handle it easily. First, using PP woven jumbo bag’s specially designed double shaft shredder machine to shred the woven bag into big pieces, and then we can use the common PP woven bag scraps washing line and also the PP woven jumbo bag pelletizing line to recycle them directly.

Product List