Fishnet Plastic Net

In our daily life, we can see various types of plastic nets used in different areas, such as fishnets, safety nets, net bags and so on. Most plastic nets, typically fishnet and safety nets are generally used outdoors. With years of exposure to the sun or soaked in water, these nets will get aged, damaged or corroded, and need to be replaced with new nets in time. Therefore huge volumes of waste plastic nets are generated every year and are ended in the landfill or illegally dumped as garbage. This way of disposal does not only pollute the environment but also poses a severe threat to marine life. Scrap plastic net recycling makes great sense. Some plastic net recycling machines like fishnet shredders can help.

Then how to deal with those scrap plastic nets properly? The raw materials used to make these nets are all plastics, which are mainly polyamide fiber (nylon), vinylon, dacron, polypropylene fiber and polyethylene. They are all recyclable materials. These plastic nets can be firstly shredded and be separated from the clutters that sticks to the net. The clean plastic net shreds then can be further processed into new raw plastic materials through further cleaning, melting and reforming. For one example, the waste fishnet can be recycled to make nylon-6 slice which has the equivalent mechanical properties and flow processing performance with PA6 fresh slice. The nylon-6 slice can partially or totally replace PA6 fresh slice to utilize in raw material of spinning or modified engineering plastics.

WANROOETECH provides plastic net shredders with many different models to meet different requirements of capacity. Among all those shredders, single shaft shredder including its normal series and the swing-arm single shaft shredder is the optimal type to choose. Featured with a high rotating speed, this type of shredder works at very high efficiency.