Medical Biomedical Waste

More and more medical waste constitute a serious public health and environmental challenge in the world. However, although the medical waste is “waste”, it is “favorable map”, behind the huge challenge is the broad development prospect of medical waste treatment and management industry.
Medical waste is mainly divided into two dispensers in medical medicines and medical appliances. Medical drugs generally include gauze, expired drugs, animal bodies, infusion bottles, human body infusion needles, infusion tubes, etc., medical appliances, including toxic, corrosive, flammable, explosive, such as waste chemical reagents. , Chemical disinfectant, mercury sphygmometer, mercury thermometer, thermometer, glass test tube, etc. It is a garbage containing a large number of pathogens and toxic substances.
The serious hazards of medical waste on humans are shown as two aspects: First, environmental biometric pollution, the second is to directly lead to human health. Disposing medical waste should meet the following basic requirements:
(1) If it is incinerated, it should be incremented in time;
(2) Can’t burn, concentrate on disinfection;
(3) The disposable medical appliance and the medical waste that are easy to cause people should be disinfected and treated.
Collect, transport, deal with medical waste garbage, can solve many scattered treatment facilities, reduce pollution sources, save energy, avoid medical waste garbage into domestic waste, reduce the harm to the human body, generally medical waste garbage disposal method Including three main disposal methods such as disinfection and crushing or displacement treatment, in place incinerator, concentrated guard landfill. We offer four medical waste recycling solutions that can be sterilized for medical waste. You are interested in our medical waste shredder. Welcome to contact us, there will be professional technicians, to answer everything about medical waste treatment, and recommend equipment models, custom medical waste solutions according to requirements .