CPP BOPP Film Recycling Pelletizing Machine

CPP/BOPP film is on kind of common recycling material, our CPP BOPP film recycling solution is efficient and environmentally friendly, including shredding, compacting, plasticization, pelletizing and drying. PLC intelligent system realized high automatic, the whole line just needs 2-3 man to operate. With 25 years of experience in recycling, WANROOETECH not only mastered the key technology but also improved machine designs to address specific product features. WANROOETECH offers plastic film recycling solutions that are high output and low energy consumption.


There are many inks on the abandoned printing film, and there are many impurities. Ordinary single-stage film pelletizing machines cannot be satisfied. Therefore, double-stage film pelletizing machine needs to be used.

CPP BOPP Film Recycling Pelletizing Machine

CPP BOPP Film Recycling Pelletizing Machine Process flow:

CPP/BOPP film→belt conveyor→metal detector→film compactor→mother extruder →hydraulic screen changer →baby extruder→hydraulic screen changer →pelletizing system →air dryer blowing system→ storage hopper→ finished product packing

CPP BOPP Film Recycling Pelletizing Machine


CPP BOPP Film Recycling Pelletizing Machine Video:


Detailed description of each item:
1. Conveyor: convey PP PE film or flakes into the compactor.
2. PE film Agglomerator /Compactor: crushing and compress film, and feed compressed film into extruder forced, to make the production capacity high and stable.
3. 1# Extruding system: plasticizing material and exhausting gas.
4. 1# High speed Net exchanging system: filter material impurity, to make production more stable.
5. 2# Extruding system: plasticizing material.
6. 2# High speed Net exchanging system and Die-head: Second filter material impurity, to make production more stable.
7. water ring pelletizing machine: cutting pellets in water.
8. Water tank: cooling pellets.
9. Dewater machine: make pellets dry.
10. Vibration sieve: remove bad pellet and keep good pellet.
11. Air Blower: convey good pellets into the silo.
12: Storage silo: keep pellet.


CPP BOPP Film Recycling Pelletizing Machine Features:
1. Allow free assembling of the screw component, based on raw material type.
2. Using a suitable die head for palletizing, such as water ring cutting, under-water cutting and hot face cutting.
3. High efficient force feeder ensures stable high capacity material feeding and low power consumption.
4. Main screw has vacuum exhaustion.
5. Water ring granulator machine, attached with dryer.
6. Single screw extruder, with specially designed screw, barrel, and venting system, ensures the good quality of the final products.
7. Plastic film pelletizer pelletizing style: standard cutting with extrusion mould. Even cutting ensures good shape.


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