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Why recycling woven bags?
Woven bags can be seen everywhere in our life, PP woven bags for storage and logistics process has brought great convenience, but waste woven bags improper disposal of harm, these environment is known as “white pollution”. White pollution not only affects the beauty of nature but also causes health hazards. Landfills are not a long-term solution, as the degradation cycle of plastics is generally at least 200 years. Recycling and reusing woven bags contributes to economic prosperity and continuity through cost savings on raw materials and resource conservation.

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How to recycling woven bags?
Woven bag because itself is lighter, composed of warp/weft weave at the same time, so for the plastic bag that could be relatively very strong, so the bag/ton bags in our daily life has brought great convenience, many are one-off, such as used in fertilizer bags, cement bags, woven bags, tons of bags, such as snake bag is very dirty, if discarded directly impact on the environment, If recycled, because it is too dirty, it cannot be recycled directly, which requires many times of cleaning.

When recycling woven bags, we need to take a look at the state of woven bags, one is clean, produced in the production of woven bags waste, scraps, wrong materials, etc., this kind of woven bags we do not need to clean, only need to directly “re-furnace” can be. The other is a woven bag containing a lot of sediment, oil, chemicals, etc., so this kind of woven bag must be cleaned for many times before it can be reused.

Three ways to recycling woven bags:
1. Woven bag washing machine
The woven bag washing machine is stepped from the broken rinse dry step by step to get a clean woven bag fragment. The woven bag recycling cleaning equipment is suitable for dirty braided bags, snake belts, cement bags, etc. Cleaning, dust removal, drying, production line safe and reliable, material treatment performance is stable, and the various indicators after treatment have reached the standard, high pass rate, is plastic recycling An ideal equipment for excellent performance in the industry.

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Woven bag washing machine process flow:
conveyor with metal detector(optional)→crusher machine→screw feeder→floating washing tank→screw feeder→high-speed friction washing machine→floating washing tank→horizontal dewatering machine→pipeline dryer→storage silo→plastic squeeing machine

Woven bag washing machine video:

Woven bag washing machine features:
· Suitable for all kinds of films and woven bags with high sediments
· Woven bag washing machine set crushing, washing, dried, as an essential device for useful woven bag regeneration.
· High production efficiency, good cleaning effect, and the moisture content of the film after drying is less than 5%.
· The woven bag washing machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, large capacity, low energy consumption, safe and reliability.

2. Woven Bag Recycling Granulator Pelletizer
Woven bag granulator set compactor, extrusion, granulator as one, two-stage granulator suitable for water content and magazine more woven bag, which is more customers choose, woven bag granulator reducer with high torque design, to achieve no noise and stable operation and other performance. Screw and barrel have been specially hardened, with wear-resisting, good mixing performance, high yield characteristics, which is the ideal choice for plastic granulation manufacturers.

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Woven Bag Granulator Pelletizing Machine Process flow:
Conveying feeding→ Metal detector →Film Agglomerator /Compactor →1# Degassing screw extruder →1# Hydraulic filer exchanger→2# screw extruder →2# Hydraulic filer exchanger→ Mould head →water ring cutting →Dewatering machine→ Air dryer Blowing system→ Storage hopper→ Finished product packing.

Woven bag recycling granulator pelletizer Features:
High degree of automation, save labor and energy consumption.
The particles are uniform and stable. Especially for PP woven bags such as high melting materials have better control.
It has a high yield, high benefit, stable quality and easy operation.

3. Woven Bag Squeezing Pelletizer Machine
The woven bag squeezing pelletizer granulator is a combination of cleaning, dehydration, granulation, and plays a very important role in the process of treating plastic products. Solve the problem of traditional soft film or filamentous plastic dewatering. Traditional centrifugal dewatering machines, only 15-20% of the final finished product, if the multi-stage wind is delivered, hot air is dry, due to the dry time is too short, there is the moisture of about 10% while consuming a lot of electricity, It is difficult for customers’ recycling materials to operate, and the finished products are difficult to have market competitiveness! Squeezing granulator is born in this background, it can easily control the cleaned material moisture in 3%, while it can also put the plastic film, ton bag, diaper, and other traditions difficult to dehydrate Semi-plastic semi-plasticization into particles, improve his reaches, facilitates the granulation of the rear equipment, and can also replace the traditional group machine.

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woven bag squeezing pelletizer granulator process flow:
The woven bag enters the extruder screw and the screw from the feed port, and the squeezed screw is extruded to the discharge port. In this process, the plasticized material is squeezed, and the moisture flows from the leakage tank, and the cutting knife cuts the extruded semi-plastic dry plastic into a granular shape. The fan delivers the particulate material to the silo while cooling the plastic particles of the cut.

woven bag squeezing pelletizer granulator features:
High automation, saving manual and energy consumption.
Power saving, low energy consumption;
Improve the dryness of the material, can control the moisture below 3%;
Improve production, 200-1000kg / h high output;

How to choose the proper machine you want?
Please tell us details of what you want.
What’s your raw material?
What are the final products you want to produce?
What machine capacity do you want it to perform?

How to control the quality?
We have technical, engineering teams to design the sample machine before entering the market
Production, QC teams ensure the machine manufacturing quality
We will be running every machine after finished before shipment
Customized machine design based on customer’s raw material condition

In order to better provide you with a professional answer, when sending an inquiry, please describe your parameters or technical requirements (such as processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.), we will reply to you as soon as possible!

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