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There are three types of WANROOETECH plastic pulverizer machines: PNMP knife disc pulverizer, PNMF grinding disc pulverizer and PNCR cryogenic plastic pulverizer. The first two are driven by the spindle equipped with precision bearing and driven by the cutter head. The moving knife rotates at high speed and is tangent to the fixed knife, which makes the incoming materials collide strongly and grind into powder shape. Through the combination of air and water cooling, the grinding temperature is effectively controlled to ensure that the quality of the crushed materials will not change. The plastic pulverizer is equipped with automatic feeding, automatic discharging and automatic sorting system, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. The whole grinding process is completely closed, without dust leakage. During refueling cleaning, only the door cover needs to be opened for maintenance.

PNMF Series Pulverizer Blade

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PNMP Series Plastic Pulverizer Blade

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The PNCP series of Cryogenic Plastic Pulverizer takes cold nitrogen as the cold source. After the crushed materials are cooled and embrittled at low temperatures, they enter into the cavity of the mechanical pulverizer and rotate at high speed through the impeller. The materials and blades, tooth discs, materials and materials impact each other repeatedly, collide, shear, friction and other comprehensive functions to achieve the crushing effect. The crushed materials are classified and collected by airflow screen classifier, and the materials that do not reach the fineness are returned to the bin for recycling. The comminution fineness can reach 10-700 mesh or even microns; using liquid nitrogen as the grinding medium, the temperature of the grinding cold source can be reduced to 196 degrees below zero, realizing the comprehensive effects of ultra-low temperature comminution, material explosion-proof, anti-oxidation, etc. WANROOETECH the PNCP series of Cryogenic Plastic Pulverizer can be used for Poly tetrafluoroethylene, Nylon(PTFE, PET, PA11, RA12, PA4/6, PA6/10, PA6/6, POM, PC, PET, PBT, PPO), special engineering plastic masterbatch(FR, TPU, PSU, PPS, PEEK, PIM, VHMWPE), General Plastic(PVC, PE, PP, PS, AS, ABC).

PNCP Series Cryogenic Plastic Pulverizer

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