what is plastic shredder machine


The plastic shredder is a kind of crusher which is used for shredding plastic materials. During the production of raw materials by injection molding machine or pelletizer, the defective products and nozzle materials can be put into the plastic crusher beside the machine in time. After the grinding is OK, and the grinding is kept clean and dry. Under the fixed condition, the raw materials and nozzle are shreded, mixed, shaped, manufactured into good products and recycled.

It mainly uses the principle of shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating cutters to break the material. Its function is to break waste plastics, defective products and waste plastic products into small particles, which is convenient for recycling and reprocessing into plastic products.

Wanrooe plastic shredder is a kind of solid waste volume reduction and tearing equipment, which is used to tear plastic, film products or materials, and is conducive to plastic recycling and recycling of plastic particles. Processing materials include mineral water bottle, PET bottle, engine oil bottle, gasoline bottle, plastic barrel, film, agricultural film, ton bag, ton bag, nozzle material, rubber head material, etc.