Waste Wood Furniture Shredder Machine


Every 5 to 10 years, most wood furniture falls into the disuse period and becomes a waste. Wooden furniture waste is also largely generated when people are moving houses, renovating houses, updating old furniture, etc. Wood furniture recycling is a good solution. Wood waste recycling machines like wood furniture shredder can help to make the whole process easier.

Wood furniture shredder in wood waste recycling

Wood furniture shredder(single shaft shredder)

Wood Shredder, Wood Pallet Shredder(double shaft shredder)

Wood furniture shredder Application areas:
This wood furniture shredder machine is mainly used in all kinds of hollow or solid plastic material. Wood pallet, Wood Box, Wood Crate, Wood Lumps, Wood Furniture, Wood Sofa, Wood Timber, MDF Plywood board, etc.

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Wood furniture usually is in large volume that takes up big storage and transport space, and thus recycling it becomes very costly if the size is not reduced at the first step. In the past, this furniture waste usually is mixed together with urban waste, be compacted by a compactor and then filled inland. Such a way of disposing of wooden furniture not only affects the cityscape, wastes the resource but also can easily damage the compactor. Along with the maturity of shredding technology, nowadays the most cost-effective and environmental way to dispose of wood furniture waste is to shred them into small pieces first and then delivered them to recycling plants for regeneration. These wood shreds after sorting, grinding, and drying can be made into wood powder. No matter in our houses and offices, there is a lot of furniture, windows, floors, and doors that are made from those recycled wood powder. In some power stations, the wood powder is used as a green fuel to generate electricity. These ways of disposal do not only reduce tree felling, and protect the environment, but also provide new power/energy for the citizens.

In conclusion, waste wooden furniture can become a big treasure if it is properly recycled and reused. Shredder plays a critical role in the initial stage of the recycling process. Wanrooe shredder is your ideal choice for shredding various waste wood furniture no matter in small pieces or the large piece, and different types and models of shredding equipment are available here in wanrooe product range.

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