Waste Sponge

What is a sponge?
Sponge is a porous material with good water absorption and can be used to clean items. Our usual sponge is made of tinal cellulose fibers or foamed plastic polymers. In addition, there is also a natural sponge made from sponge animals, most natural sponges for body cleaning or painting. In addition, there is a synthetic sponge made from three other materials, which are low-density polyethers (non-absorbent sponges), polyvinyl alcohol (high water absorbing materials, no obvious air holes) and polyester.

How to recycling the waste sponge?
The waste sponge is very difficult due to the size of the size, and it is very difficult to handle, and the size can be reduced after being treated with a shredder, which is convenient for transportation. The tearing sponge can be processed into a colored sponge, an elastic material that can be used in shock absorbers, such as sole, automotive interior, other industrial ornaments.

sponge shredder in WANROOETECH sponge recycling
Sponge shredding machine will be needed in order to shred the sponge into small pieces for some applications of the sponge, like shock absorbers. WANROOETECH shredder specialized in manufacturing Various types of coconut fiber shredders and models with different capacities from small to big to meet clients’ demand. Choose the right and cost efficient sponge shredding machine for coconut fiber is very essential. If you are looking for such sponge shredder, contact WANROOETECH shredder freely, we will communicate with you about your detailed shredding requirement and then propose to you the most suitable solution to fit your project.