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Waste Plastic Recycling Shredder Crusher Machine

1.Compacted designed structures, space saving;
2.No need conveyor to connect single shaft shredder machine and traditional strong crusher, lower power consumption;
3.Higher efficiency;
4.Closed shredding and crushing chamber to avoid material spillage,friendly workshop environment etc;
5.Internal hydraulic pusher;
6.Intelligent PLC controlling system.

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Waste Plastic Recycling Shredder Crusher Machine Applications:
Plastic shredder crusher machine mainly recycling crushed Large diameter HDPE pipe, pp pipe, pe pipe, PPR pipe, PVC pipe, drainage pipe, water pipe, plastic pipe, big solid blocks of plastic, plastic purges, plastic lumps, etc. finally plastic scrap size is about 3-8mm, which can be directly used for injection and extruder machine.

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Waste Plastic Recycling Shredder Crusher Machine Description:

Plastic shredder crusher is a combination of shredder and crusher in a single unit.
Shredder Crusher Combined processes input material like purgings and bulky objects to the desired granule size in two stages. From lumps to 40mm shredded particles, to 10mm regrind, our proven size reduction technology produces uniform regrind that is immediately ready for reuse.
Without a conveyor between shredder and crusher, the compact design saves up to 65% space for your factory. The integrated shredder and crusher with Smart Control guarantee energy-saving and continuous operation.


Waste Plastic Recycling Shredder Crusher Machine Components:

Movable Feeding Hopper Waste Plastic Recycling Shredder Crusher Machine Pusher System
Movable Feeding Hopper
Plastic pipes are traveling along with the movement of the hydraulic ram and thus are pushed closer to the cutting rotor for thorough and efficient shredding.
Pusher System
Reinforced baseplate can reduce the impact caused by material entering the cutting chamber. A dust collection device is equipped at the bottom of the pusher system to guarantee the long-term stable performance of internal components.
single shaft shredder chammer plastic crusher machine
Single Shaft Shredder
The waste plastic is shredded into 30-50mm small pieces of materials through the comprehensive action of tearing, squeezing and shearing of the shredding blade and discharged from the screen holes.
Plastic Crusher Machine
Crushing plastic into 3-12mm plastic pieces
Gearbox Hydraulic Station
Integrated box design, stronger mechanism, stronger output shaft and bearing design, longer service life and greater torque.Flexible cooling mode to meet the requirements of thermal power.
At the same time, the output shaft adopts double oil seal design, which greatly reduces the risk of oil leakage.
Hydraulic Station
The pressure and rate of flow can be adjusted according to different materials.
Electronic Control storage silo
Electric Control Cabinet
The whole model adopts frequency conversion control and conforms to international standards such as CE/CSA.
Adopts a large air volume and silent air supply system. The pipes and silos are made of 304 stainless steel, and the exterior is covered with sound insulation cotton, which can effectively reduce noise.


Waste Plastic Recycling Shredder Crusher Machine Features:
• Space-saving and investment-minimized, compared to the individual shredder, granulator and conveyor.
• One-step size reduction to desired final output size.
• Slanted pusher ram ensures continuous operation & eliminates residual materials.
• Auto-reverse system re-orients shredder rotor’s direction when motor overload and material jam.
• Shredder rotor knife adopts DC53 and crusher knife adopts Cr12MoV.
• Shredder and crusher are individually driven for better control.
• Main electrical components are trusted brands such as Siemens and Schneider.


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Model PNDS-600C PNDS-800C PNDS-1000C
Main Motor Power(kw) 15-22 30-45 37-55
Crusher Moter Power(kw) 15 22 37
Shredder Diameter(mm) 320 400 400
Shredder Roter Length(mm) 600 800 1000
Crusher Blades QTY 18+2×2 24+2×2 30+2×2
Shredder Blades QTY 32+2×2 38+2×2 58+2×2
End Plastic Scraps Size(mm) 3-8 3-8 3-8


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