Waste Plastic Fishing Net Shredder Crusher Recycling Pelleting Machine


Why recycle waste fishing nets?
In our daily life, we can see various types of plastic networks for different areas, such as fishing nets, safety nets, bus bags, etc. Most plastic webs, usually fishnet and safety nets are usually used outdoors. Out of the sun or soak in the water, these nets will be old, damaged or corroded, need to replace new network in time. Therefore, a large amount of waste plastic network is generated each year, and the end or illegal dumping is rubbish in the landfill. This type of disposal is not only polluted but also has a serious threat to marine organisms. The waste plastic network is extremely significant. Some plastic network recycles, such as fishnet crushers can help.

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How to recycle waste fishing nets?
The raw materials used to make these webs are plastic, mainly polyamide fibers (nylon), vinyl, polyester, polypropylene fibers, and polyethylene. They are all recyclable materials. Because the fishing net is easy to be wrapped on the knife shaft, these plastic fishing nets can first tear the double-axis shredder or single double tear, then further clean, melt and reorganize further processing after crushing Web fragment. On the one hand, the waste fish network can recycle nylon-6 slices equivalent mechanical properties and flow processing performance with PA6 fresh slices. Nylon-6 slices can be partially or completely replaced with fresh sections of PA6 to use spinning or modified engineering plastics.

WANROOETECH products cover plastic recycling machines, with many different models to meet different capacity requirements. double shaft shredder machine, double single shaft machine, crusher, plastic washing line, plastic pelletizer, can meet your recycling of waste fishing nets.
If you are looking for a plastic network recycling machine, please contact us immediately, we will discuss your detailed requirements and provide you with the most suitable solution.

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