WANROOETECH successfully developed a new type double disk plastic pulverizer


The WANROOETECH new design WR series plastic pulverizer which is introduced from US technology has its compact design is the perfect fit for the large production user, it uses dual grinding disc, one disc as primary disc, another is used for fines grinding disc to improve the capacity. This unit, with its integrated PLC controls, assures the highest quality performance with friendly Human Machine Interface. Up to Double the production rate of similar size conventional water-cooled pulverizing systems, Lower operating costs through 50% energy savings, lower-maintenance cost-and reduced transportation costs, extended disc life, optimal finished material quality, it can be used for pulverizing PP, PE, ABS, PVC, PET, EVA, LDPE and other plastics.

Plastic pulverizer is the particular equipment for recycling disused insignificant materials in producing and grinding heat-sensitivity plastic such as PP, PE, ABS, PVC, PET, EVA, LDPE. Pulverizer includes high output units which can be equipped with automatic temperature control. The material to be pulverized is fed centrally between a fixed and a high speed rotating pulveriser disc with centrifugal effect carrying the material through the processing zone before being discharged from the machine pneumatically.

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WR series plastic pulverizer has the following advantages:
1.Two Grinding disc, one as primary, another used for fines grinding disc, Greater Output than Comparable Models
2. Bigger vibrating screen, up to about: 5M2, make the grinded material get out of the machine as soon as possible, at the same time, cooling grinded material much better
3.Simple adjustment of cutting gap
4. Low drive power – High throughput
5. Innovative efficient design
6. Easy temperature control;
7. HMI Touchscreen with PLC controlling system (Optional)
8. Small Footprint


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