WANROOETECH Professional Expert in Plastics Recycling


Plastics are everywhere and few are biodegradable so they seem to last forever. Because of this plastics waste receive quite a bit of bad press from the media. But these two factors are precisely why plastics are such a recyclable resource. Since they’re made from petroleum, plastic resins are also a valuable commodity. Technologies from WANROOETECH have enabled both manufacturers of plastics products (processors) and plastics recyclers to capitalizeon this for over 25 years.

WANROOETECH is the leader in size plastic reduction and plastic recycling technology, offering shredders, granulators, two stage machines, plastic washing machine, and plastic pelletizing machine and other complete systems to meet all plastics reclamation needs. Purgings, Pipe, profile, bottles, bags, carpet, film, fiber, and more – whether post-consumer plastic waste, or post-industrial plastic scrap from processors, if it’s plastic, WANROOETECH machines recycle it. WANROOETECH solutions include PET bottle washing system, Plastic film washing and pelleting system, Plastic shredder machine, Tire shredder, wood shredder, and also the HDPE pipe/PVC pipe recycling shredder or grinder.

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