WANROOETECH Plastic Recycling Pelletizer Machine


Wanrooetech is a professional manufacturer of Plastic pelletizer in China, we design and manufacture Plastic pelletizer based on every customer’s requirement. Wanrooetech produces a wide range of Plastic pelletizer, including Hopper feeding Plastic pelletizer, shredder integrated recycling machine, air-cooing, water-cooling Plastic pelletizer, die-face-cutting, water-ring-cutting, noodle type cutting Plastic pelletizer, one stage, two stage Plastic pelletizer.

Noodle type cutting Plastic pelletizer:

Water-ring-cutting Plastic pelletizer:

Wanrooetech’s highly efficient, two -step Plastic pelletizer is designed for the reprocessing of PE and PP flexible packaging material, printed and non-printed. Plastic pelletizer features its hopper feeding, two-stage extrusion, and water-ring pelletizer.
This hopper feeding system of Plastic pelletizer is equipped with the hopper for feeding pre-crushed material, requires less space and energy consumption while producing high quality plastic pellets at a productive rate. The primary character of Plastic pelletizer is its two-stage extrusion. The special design with two extruders and filters of Plastic pelletizer makes it specialize in processing wasted material with heavily printed surface and water content. Eventually, the water ring die-face-cutting system of Plastic pelletizer is an upgrade from noodle type cutting system. It provides a stable cutting of material and produces beautiful pellets with even shape.

Wanrooetech manufacturers a variety of Plastic pelletizer with higher and lower capacity of 80~1000 kg/hr.
The optional device of Plastic pelletizer — Force feeder is installed along with hopper of the Plastic pelletizer. The force feeder of Plastic pelletizer makes an easier and more stable feeding of light crushed plastic film.

Plastic pelletizer specializes in recycling HDPE/LDPE and PP waste. The hopper feeding recycling machine is especially a suitable machine for injection molding factory to recycle their own in-house waste because the post-industrial waste from injection molding factory is usually clean and uncontaminated, which is suitable to be recycled on this Plastic pelletizer. In addition to in-house (post-industrial) film waste, Plastic pelletizer is also able to process washed flakes, scraps and regrind. This Plastic pelletizer is highly recommended for packaging film producers of commercial bags, garbage bags, agricultural films, food packaging, shrink and stretch films, as well as producers in the woven industry of PP woven bags, jumbo bags, tapes and yarns. Other types of material such as PS sheet, PE and PS foam, PE net, EVA, PP mixed with PU are also applicable on this Plastic pelletizer.

Applicable material for Plastic pelletizer:
Heavily printed HDPE/LDPE film
Heavily printed PP waste bag
Hard plastic regrind
Plastic granules
Injection molding waste

Plastic pelletizer produces high quality reusable pellets. The produced pellets from Plastic pelletizer can be put directly back to the production line, mostly blown film or pipe extrusion processes.

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