Vertical Hydraulic Baler for Cotton Products

Cotton products baler is an important equipment in cotton textile and garment industry, which can automatically compress loose cotton products such as cotton and cotton yarn into compact bundles for storage and transportation. It is characterized by compression, automated operation, precise control and high safety performance, which can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce transportation costs and guarantee the safety of operators.

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Vertical Hydraulic Baler for Cotton Products

Hydraulic baler for cotton products has a wide range of applications in textile, garment, home textile and other industries. It can efficiently and reliably compress and pack cotton, cotton yarn, cotton cloth and other cotton products into compact blocks or bales, which significantly reduces the volume, saves storage space and lowers transport costs. In addition, it also plays an important role in the recycling and logistics industry, facilitating the recycling of cotton products and improving transport efficiency.


Preparation: Make sure the baler is in good working condition, the hydraulic oil is sufficient and filtered, and the lubrication places of the machine have been filled with lubricating oil. The cotton products to be baled are ready to be placed in the baling chamber of the baler.

Hydraulic system start: start the baler’s hydraulic system, motor-driven oil pump will be liquid (usually oil) from the tank, after filtering oil filter, through the oil pump to the hydraulic cylinder.

Compression baling: when the liquid enters the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic station, the piston in the hydraulic cylinder is moved forward by the liquid pressure. During this process, the cotton products in the baling chamber are gradually compressed and compacted until a predetermined degree of compression is reached.

Fixed baling: After reaching the predetermined degree of compression, the hydraulic pump stops supplying liquid. At this time, the baler will automatically carry out operations such as tying or sealing to fix the baled cotton products together to form a tight block or bale.

Hydraulic pressure release: After finishing baling, the hydraulic station will suck the liquid back to the oil tank again, the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder will be released, and the piston will return to the position. At this point, the baled cotton products can be removed for subsequent handling or transport.


Performance Characteristics

Dual-cylinder front and rear door opening design: the baler adopts unique dual-cylinder design, front and rear doors can be opened, providing a more flexible operating space, which is convenient for users to load and remove materials from both directions, greatly improving the work efficiency.

Push-button operation, simple and intuitive: the equipment is equipped with advanced push-button control system, which makes the operation simple and intuitive. Users only need to touch the button to complete a series of operations, such as compression, baling, turning the bag, greatly reducing the difficulty of operation.

Hydraulic transmission, stable and reliable: the machine adopts hydraulic transmission to ensure the stability and reliability of the working process. The hydraulic system has self-lubricating function, which reduces the maintenance cost and improves the service life of the equipment.

Hook-type automatic bale turning, safe and convenient: after the baling is completed, the hook-type automatic bale turning mechanism can easily turn out the baled cotton products, which not only improves the working efficiency, but also ensures the safety of the operator.

Unloading type locking device to ensure safety: the equipment is equipped with unloading type locking device, which can automatically lock the baling chamber during the baling process, preventing the cotton products from popping out during compression, ensuring the safety of the operators.

High-strength frame design, strong durability: the machine adopts high-strength frame design, which can withstand double the pressure of itself after multi-processing. This design ensures the stability and durability of the machine and maintains excellent performance even under high loads for long periods of time.

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Stresses: 100 tons
Packing size: W1000×D600×H(500~950)mm
Filling port size: 1000×550mm(L×W)
Hydraulic system pressure: 25 MPa
Motor power: 18.5 KW / 25 HP
Bundling method: hand strap
Number of bundling lines: 4 courses
Charging method: manual feeding
Packaging: Wire Rope Linked Bale Turnover
Operating method: Motorized push-button control
Door opening method: Manual front and rear door opening
Power supply: 3P—200V/220V/380V/400V/415V—50/60Hz
Hydraulic Fluid Specifications: L—HM   46
Footprint: 1700mm×1250mm×3480mm(L×W×H)
Weights: 3450kg

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