How to turning medical waste into wealth


Wanrooe offers a method for the thorough disposal of medical waste, turning medical waste into wealth, the main steps of which are:
1) immediate sterilization of medical waste at the medical waste site
2) Transporting the sterilized medical waste to a reuse plant.
3) separating recyclable and non-recyclable substances from the medical waste at the reuse plant.
4) Separation of non-recyclable substances as fuel.

turning medical waste into wealth

Current status of medical waste disposal
Since the New Crown Pneumonia outbreak, the amount of medical waste has grown as medical treatment has been carried out. What is the current situation of medical waste disposal nationwide? How do avoid the impact on the environment? What is the situation of domestic waste collection and treatment?

As the number of cases increases, the amount of medical waste is rapidly increasing. In the epidemic prevention and control at the same time to increase the treatment of medical waste and medical wastewater is very important.


Medical waste disposal shredder with autoclave:

How to Turning Medical Waste Into Wealth?
Apparatus for a method of thoroughly treating medical waste, including:
A) an autoclave device for medical waste.
B) transport vehicle for medical waste after treatment.
C) medical waste separation device after sterilization.
D ) a fiber incineration power generation device.


A) High-temperature steam sterilization device for medical waste comprising:
Feed hopper, crushing tool, closed sterilization chamber, and steam generator.
The sealed cover of the feed hopper is provided with a crushing and pressing device, and the sterilization chamber is connected to a high-temperature steam generator.
After the medical waste is loaded into the feed hopper, the sealed lid is closed and the medical waste is crushed by the crushing and pressing device to disfigure and reduce the volume of the medical waste and enter the sterilization chamber.
The steam generator provides high-temperature steam for the sterilization chamber, and the steam is injected through the pipeline at the bottom of the sterilization chamber; when the temperature in the sterilization chamber reaches a predetermined temperature, it enters the heat preservation sterilization stage.
After sterilization is completed, discharge the exhaust gas and waste liquid from the sterilization chamber; discharge the sterilized medical waste.


B) The processed medical waste transport vehicle comprises:
opening the carriage sealing door under the action of the sealing door driving cylinder, closing the sealing door after the medical waste is loaded into the transport vehicle box; compressing the processed medical waste by the compression plate under the action of the compression cylinder.


C) the sterilized medical waste separation device comprising:
(a) a crushing tool below the feed hopper; a three-stage vibratory air separation sieve is connected below the crushing tool, and the first stage vibratory air separation sieve in the three-stage vibratory air separation sieve is connected to a fiber collection device, the first stage vibratory air separation sieve is connected to a plastic collection device, and the third stage vibratory air separation sieve is connected to a glass collection device and a metal collection device respectively.


D) fiber incineration power generation device comprising:
(a) heat generated by the incineration of the fiber incinerator to provide energy to the steam generating device.
The steam generating device uses the steam generated by the steam generating device to generate electricity, and the emitted electricity is output through the electricity output device.

The above device, wherein the sterilization effect of medical waste after treatment by the high-temperature steam sterilization device of medical waste can reach L0G6 international sterilization standard and above.

The volume of medical waste is reduced by 60-90% compared to the volume of untreated medical waste after extrusion treatment by the pressure material device in the high-temperature steam sterilization device.


Benefits of Turning Medical Waste Into Wealth
I) High-temperature steam sterilization devices for medical waste are placed in hospitals, on hospital floors or in hospital medical waste treatment stations, which turn medical waste into harmless household waste by on-site real-time treatment.
2) treated harmless medical waste, temporarily stored in a medical waste storage bin.
3) Medical waste transport truck with compression device can strongly compress the treated medical waste to the smallest volume and realize fully enclosed transportation. The medical waste after treatment in the hospital is transported to the reuse plant for centralized treatment.
4) Separation and treatment of medical waste at the reuse plant. Using the same density of plastic, metal, glass and various fibers, the separation device separates the treated non-hazardous medical waste by vibratory air separation. The separated plastic, metal, glass and fiber materials can be used for industrial reuse; various mixed staple fibers can be used in an incineration power plant to generate electricity by incineration. In this way, medical waste is completely and thoroughly closed-loop treated, achieving 100% reuse and no pollution generation.


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