TPE TPU Rubber Soft Plastic Crushing Machine For Sale


Introduction of TPE TPU Rubber Soft Plastic Crushing Machine For Sale
Plastic crusher, also called plastic crushing machine, is an indispensable plastic crushing and recycling equipment for the plastic injection industry. It is mainly used to crush all kinds of hard and soft plastics, grinding the block-shape, spherical, flake-like, strip shaped plastics and plastic bottles, plastic shells, plastic crates and plastic bags into granular type for better recycling, vastly improving the utilization ratio of plastic products. Crushed plastics can be recycled for the reproduction of plastic products. This plastic crusher machine can help reduce the volume of plastic waste, greatly save costs and resources.

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Features of  TPE TPU Rubber Soft Plastic Crushing Machine For Sale
1. Small space occupation, low power consumption.
2. Easy to operate, easy to clean and maintain.
3. Crusher blades adopting nitriding steel material, durable in use.
4. Granular size is up to your requirements and can be adjusted by changing the sieving screen.
5. Cleaning drum can be equipped for each model upon requirement.
6. Multiple models are available to fit different materials with different sizes.

Application of TPE TPU Rubber Soft Plastic Crushing Machine For Sale
1. Plastic crushing machine can crush PVC, TPR, PP, PE, EVA, PET, PC, TPE, TPU materials, waste rubber products, sponge, etc.
2. Plastic crushers can crush various kinds of plastics, such as plastic bottles, plastic profiles, plastic pipes, plastic plates, plastic sheets, plastic shells, plastic films, woven bags, rubber, etc.

How does Plastic Crusher Work?
During the working process of the plastic crushing machine, its motor drives the high-speed revolution of the rotating blade cutter head, and the high-speed rotating of the rotating blade could form the relative movement trends cooperated with the fixed blade. At the same time, utilizing the gap between the rotating blade and the fixed blade could give rise to cutting edges of plastic grinding and cutting, thereby crushing the large pieces of plastic. Finally, the broken plastics would be filtered and outputted according to particle sizes of plastic through the screen sieve.

Superiority of Plastic Crusher
With the laddering rotating blades design, this plastic crusher has a particularly strong crushing force and also has an elegant appearance. The anterior and posterior of this grinder’s cutting chamber is double layer soundproof, with acoustic insulating material filled in the middle part, resulting in very low noise. Moreover, it adopts a reasonable knife type design to make materials broken uniformly and adopts sealed bearings to keep good bearing rotation for a long period of time. Besides, the material of rotating blade holder is high-grade steel material, uneasy to abrade or break, making this waste plastic crusher durable and anti-corrosion cracking. Meanwhile, feed hopper of crusher uses optimization design and special rust-proof treatment, avoiding the materials leakage and pollution during the process of crushing. In a word, this plastic crushing mill has the advantages of stable operating performance, low noise, no powder pollution, uniform granulating, good grinding result and long service life, etc.

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