Three feeding methods of high speed mixer


High speed mixer is a mixer machinery and equipment with a wide range of applications before now, this machine with efficient mixing characteristics, by the friends of the pro and favorite. For example the applicable raw material coloring, and drying mixer, in order to reasonably improve the production power, the production of the feeding method is more important. High speed mixer belongs to a kind of vertical mixer, machine and equipment feeding general mouth high above the level of 1.5 meters, then the user selects the feeding method must pay attention to what aspects? The following Zhangjiagang Wanrooe Machinery Co., Ltd. is here to recommend the following feeding methods:

Three feeding methods of high speed mixer

1, Screw feeder feeding. After the installation of high speed mixer in place, use the screw feeder to add material to its mixing pot body. General feeding machine storage hopper height can be freely planned and produced, the industry in general storage hopper height planning and production for 650-700mm, this height can effectively reduce the intensity of workers when feeding. This feeding method for raw materials such as powder, granules and other state materials, through the screw feed. According to the size of the high speed mixer type, the feeding amount can be controlled by the level meter or time relay. Screw feeding machine feeding fast, convenient operation, safety and other features.


2, Vacuum feeding machine feeding. This is the feeding method through the negative pressure vacuum. It is composed of vortex air pump, suction pipe, suction pipe, vacuum overdose bucket and electrical control cabinet. Especially for powder feeding, it can effectively press the dust overflow and has the characteristics of fast feeding speed, small area and high degree of automation. The vacuum feeding machine can be placed according to the site condition and is convenient to use.


3, Manual feeding. Manual feeding is obviously time-consuming and labor-intensive, the need for actual operation of workers have to climb to the base of the mixer, flip open the lid to implement the feeding operation.


Screw feeder feeding, vacuum feeder feeding, manual feeding. These methods are high speed mixer selection of feeding methods, friends can choose to use according to their own conditions. The screw feeder and vacuum feeder can be automated. Relatively speaking, the entire high speed mixer application input costs are slightly higher.


Above, is the most common at this stage several feeding methods, friends can choose according to the product and the requirements of their own feeding methods.


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