3 Ways to Solve the Used Plastic Crusher Clogging Problem


Plastic crusher, also known as used plastic crusher/grinder is mainly used to crush various plastic and rubber such as plastic profiles, tubes, rods, wire, film, waste rubber products. Granules can be used directly for extruders or injection molding, but also through the base granulation regeneration use. Used plastic crusher is another kind of peripheral equipment for injection molding machines, can crush the recycling of injection molding machine-generated by the bad products and water mouth material machines.

Plastic crusher working principle
Used plastic crusher through the motor drives the dynamic knife blade high-speed rotation, in the process of high-speed rotation of the dynamic knife and fixed knife to form a trend of relative motion using the gap formed between the dynamic knife and fixed knife caused by plastic crushing shear incision so that the large pieces of plastic for crushing, crushing plastic through the screen for plastic particle size filter output.

About the used plastic crusher’s more common failures – clogging and its corresponding treatment, I hope to maintain the help of the machine daily.

First of all, we need to pay attention to the speed of feeding, not just the pursuit of high-speed, otherwise, it is easy to lead to used plastic crusher overload, resulting in clogging. To avoid this situation, we need to keep an eye on the current meter pointer, look at its deflection angle, if you find that the value exceeds the rated current, it means that the motor overload, a long time will burn the motor. If this happens, you need to reduce or close the material door, or change the way of feeding, for example, by increasing the feeder to control the amount of feeding. Flexible according to the actual situation, choose whether the feeder is manual or automatic. I remind you that usually, we should control the working current of the used plastic crusher to 85% or less of the rated current.

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Secondly, if the discharge pipe is not very smooth, it will make the used plastic crusher’s air outlet blocked, or the matching degree of the conveying equipment is not good, which will also cause the discharge pipe wind to weaken or even not. When the corresponding fault is identified, the mismatched equipment needs to be replaced and the corresponding feeding volume adjusted to ensure that the plastic crusher can operate normally.

In addition, we also need to pay attention to the crushed materials, if the water content is relatively high can also lead to blockage of the crusher, or the hammer blade of the machine itself aging and sunscreen hole closure and so on, are related factors. In order to eliminate the word this situation, we need to regularly check the screen and blade, and pay attention to the water content of the material, so as not to cause the plastic crusher blockage, but also to maintain high efficiency.

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