How to Solve Automatic Waste Plastic Recycling Granulator too High Temperature


Along with the extensive application of plastic products, the resulting waste plastic pollution of the environment problem, also more and more serious, the contradiction between waste plastics and environment pollution will also be highlighted, the specific performance in waste plastics of the landmass, its strong chemical plasticity, waste plastic recycling granulator is difficult to be dissolved gases or bacteria, will be a lot of influence on ecological, and leads to great environmental damage, And the appearance of the automatic plastic pelleting machine, China’s waste plastic recycling, environmental pollution and other problems, a good solution to the above environmental pollution “problem”, because of resource reuse, stable and good market benefits, more and more users into the army of recycled particles.

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With the innovation of waste plastic recycling granulator machines and the expansion of users, in the use of automatic waste plastic recycling granulator machines, there are all kinds of problems and difficulties. The following small series on the use of automatic plastic pelleting machine processing waste plastic process, the barrel temperature is “too high” phenomenon, analysis and explanation, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. Here’s to help you find the general reasons and solutions:

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When the waste plastic recycling granulator is working, the usual reasons are:

1. The oil consumption is very small, the exhaust port volume is too small, there is no necessary refrigeration and cooling equipment, and effective measures can not be taken in time when the temperature of the cylinder is too high.
2. At present, most of the automatic plastic granulator heating systems are selected electromagnetic heaters, and the heating plate in the use of configuration process, power kilowatt number is not matched, but also easy to cause plastic granulator heating plate temperature is not equal, prone to the high-temperature phenomenon.
3. The temperature control system is faulty, the temperature display instrument is faulty, and the current barrel temperature cannot be accurately displayed.
4. Plastic pelletizing machine screw extrusion material, blockage, leakage phenomenon, resulting in local temperature is too high.
5. The temperature control system of the heating plate fails, and the detection point cannot accurately read the surface temperature of the current cylinder.

Automatic waste plastic recycling granulator machine running temperature is “too high” how to solve:

1. Check the preset temperature of each heating strip to see if there is any setting error and correct it in time.
2. Check whether the electromagnetic heating system is running normally and whether the heating plate of each node has a circuit shedding phenomenon, and correct it in time.
3. Check whether there is foreign matter in the material of the screw of the plastic pelletizing machine, which will cause high-speed friction between the foreign matter in the screw and the inner wall of the barrel, resulting in high temperature and loss of the barrel.
4. Check the power configuration parameters of the head and the electromagnetic heating plate to see whether there are heating plates with different power.
5. When necessary, add refrigeration equipment, strengthen the heat dissipation function, to ensure the normal operation of plastic granulator equipment.

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