• single shaft shredder blades, Shredder Blades, shredder knife, plastic shredder machine blades, shredder blades for sale
  • single shaft shredder blades, Shredder Blades, shredder knife, plastic shredder machine blades, shredder blades for sale

Single Shaft Shredder Blades

WANROOETECH granulator blades adoption of high-quality knife material combined with advanced vacuum heat treatment and cryogenic treatment process enables our blades or knife with the features of high precision, great wear resistance, and integrate the best combinations of strength, toughness and wear resistance.

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Single Shaft Shredder Blades Description:
Single shaft shredder blade is used for waste plastic film, plastic pipe, plastic bags, woven bags, plastic lumps, wood pallet, wood boxes, waste cable, wire, copper, plastic bottle, plastic floor, plastic foam, plastic bucket drum barrel, plastic chair, etc.

Single shaft shredder blade produced by our company is one of the important accessories on the shredder. The quality of the shredder blade directly affects the processing cycle of the machine. According to the classification of the shredder, the shredder blade is divided into two parts. It is a single shaft shredder blade and a multi-shaft shredder blade. As an important smashing work knife on the shredder. According to the structure of the shredder, the shredder blades can be divided into single shaft shredder blades, and multi-shaft shredder blades (including twin-shaft shredder blades and four shaft shredder blades).

The single-shaft shredder blade, as its name suggests, is mounted on the shaft of a single-shaft shredder, known as a moving knife. The shape is square, the knife edge has an arc on all sides, the middle tapping hole, the knife edge to the middle hole part is inwardly recessed, and is used with the fixed knife on the knife holder.

single shaft shredder blade knife seat Rotating knife blade for single shaft shredder Fixed knife blade for single shaft shredder
Single shaft shredder blade knife seat Rotating knife blade for single shaft shredder Fixed knife blade for single shaft shredder

single shaft shredder blade seat is used to bear the weight of the shredding machine knife rest, and the shredding machine knife rest contains the blade, the knife shaft, the sleeve and the cap, so the key part of the shredding machine is borne by the knife seat. We choose the thickened steel plate to be welded, and the side is welded with reinforcing bars to ensure the strength of the cutter block of the shredding machine.

Selection of size of Rotating knife blade:
35 * 35 * 25mm: When it is suitable for the size of the assembly, the amount of the amount is 20mm to 25mm;
40 * 40 * 25mm: The size of the normal knife is standard size, cutting general material;
80 * 80 * 30mm: Compare materials such as wood and tires.

Fixed knife blade for single shaft shredder: Shredding material with moving knife. According to the different models, the length of the fixed knife is different, and the fixed knife teeth correspond to the layout of the moving knife shaft.

Three types of shredder machine blade installation:

Three types of single shaft shredder machine blade installation

First: the knife base and the knife shaft are welded together, which is relatively firm. Usually, choose this type of knife and tool shaft.
The disadvantage is that the clearance between the fixed knife and the moving knife is relatively large, and the minimum size of the discharge can only be 30mm.

Second: the knife and the tool carrier are embedded in the rotating shaft, suitable for film woven bag type knife and the gap between the fixed knife is less than 1mm, can be used as a crusher.
Disadvantages: easy deformation, high processing cost.

Third: the tool rest is made into a body with the rotating shaft, which is suitable for the film woven bag type, and the knife is installed separately.
Disadvantages: easy deformation, high processing cost.

Single shaft shredder blades’ commonly used material is DC53/D2/Cr12MoV/9CrSi, according to the quality from good to time, which is the most cost-effective single shaft knife material Cr12MoV. Single shaft shredding machine is mainly composed of blade spindle, fixed knife, bearing box, box bracket, feeding system, hydraulic pushing system, power system, and electrical control system. Mainly used for shredding wood, rubber, plastic, paper and other waste materials. Compared to more shaft shredding machines, single shaft shredding machine design is more complex, but the knife mould replacement is more convenient, just open it will be a single shaft fixed screw can easily replace the shredding machine blade, and multiaxial need to tear down the whole case, take down the shaft can be used, so from the ease of replacement knife mold, than the double shaft shredding machine is easy to maintain.

Standard single shaft shredder blade products are available in stock, non-standard single shaft shredder knife blades can be customized according to customer requirements according to drawings and specifications processing and production, if not found on the website of the knife you need to call: carefully designed for your to produce the blade you need!

Our company uses excellent steel, through forging, finishing, quenching, packaging, and other processes, to provide you with excellent, cost-effective blades, welcome to purchase!

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