Shredding Knives And Blade For Plastic Tire Metal Cable Wood


The shredder blade is an important part of the shredder (about 10-20% of the cost of the shredder), and its service life directly affects the performance of the shredder. According to the different types of shredders and the types of shredded materials, shredder cutters have different shapes and structures. Widely used in shredding wood, PE pipes, plastic bottles, waste copper wires, plastic films, woven bags, paper, circuit boards, light and thin metals, medical supplies, waste home appliances, vehicle recycling, household garbage and other solid waste treatment .

Shredder blade
The shredder blade, also known as the shredder cutter, is one of the important parts of the shredder equipment and one of the vulnerable parts of the shredder. The quality of the shredder cutter directly affects the equipment’s crushing processing cycle of solid waste. The shredder blades are divided into single-shaft shredder cutters and double-shaft shear cutters. So what material is used for the material of the shredder knife (blade)?
The manufacturing precision of shredder blades largely reflects the quality and use the effect of the equipment. The material of shredder blades is generally made of 9crsi, Cr12MoV, SKD-11 and other excellent tool steels and Hegaojin die steel.
The cutting edge will wear out during the normal use of the tool. After the wear reaches a certain level, the tool needs to be repaired or replaced in time. Otherwise, it will not only affect the output and crushing effect, but also affect the normal operation of the equipment.

Types of shredder blades
The types of shredder blades mainly include single shaft shredder knife, double shaft shredder knife, and four shaft shredder knife.
The commonly used material for single-shaft shredder knives is SKD-11. After vacuum quenching, its hardness and wear resistance are higher than ordinary materials, with a hardness of 60-62HRC, which better exerts the physical properties of the material and greatly improves the use of life.
Double-shaft shredder and four-shaft shredder are mainly used to shred various plastics, wood, metal, waste tires, waste home appliances, scrap cars, waste circuit boards, etc., and their work efficiency is 4-5 times higher than ordinary shredders.
Shredder tools are divided into two categories: single-axis tools and multi-axis tools. The single-axis linkage cutting machine has a relatively single material selection. In the past, there were two kinds of materials, 9CrSi and Cr12MoV. It was found in subsequent production that the single-shaft shredder tool made of CR12MOV has a better cost performance.
In the multi-axis shredder cutter, there are more commonly used materials. According to classification, it is mainly divided into two categories: die steel and tool steel. The die steel material has good wear resistance and hardenability. The shredder blades produced belong to high-end production lines. Commonly used are DC53, D2, SKD11, Cr12MoV, etc. The tool steel is cheap, with good toughness and impact resistance, and is very suitable for the tearing processing of some traditional plastic wood.
The choice of shredder blade material is the basis for building a house. If the foundation is firm, the house is more reliable. Similarly, if the material of the shredder cutter is selected, the subsequent material processing will be more convenient, thereby greatly improving the unit output and efficiency, and providing more guarantee for the energy efficiency of the resource reuse industry.

The purpose of shredder blade

The single-shaft shredder can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries and is suitable for the recycling of plastic, paper, wood, fiber, rubber, and domestic garbage. It is suitable for recycling all kinds of large solid materials, difficult-to-handle materials, plastic containers and plastic barrels, and plastic pads. According to different requirements, the discharge size can be as small as 20 mm. And can provide various hoppers according to customer needs. The equipment can rotate the cutter at low speed, has low noise and is more energy-saving.

The double-shaft shredder can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries. It is suitable for the tearing of thick and difficult-to-break materials such as electronic waste, plastics, metals, wood, waste rubber, packaging barrels, and pallets. There are many types of recyclable materials. . The crushed materials can be directly recycled or further refined as needed. It is suitable for industrial waste recycling, medical waste recycling, electronics manufacturing, pallet manufacturing, wood processing, household garbage recycling, plastic recycling, tire recycling, papermaking and other industries. The double-shaft shredder has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, and low noise. The PLC control system is adopted, which can automatically control the functions of start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse.

Due to the large variety of shredder blade specifications, if you need to order, please provide the specifications and material requirements of the blade used on your machine. We generally process and produce according to the order, and the delivery time is within 20 working days. The specific time is calculated according to your quantity and our production schedule. For other questions, please call directly, thank you.


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