Semi-automatic Horizontal Baler

Horizontal semi-automatic baler is a baling equipment for small businesses and self-employed people. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain, adopts hydraulic system, stable operation and low noise. The baling of items can be completed by manual operation. The equipment is suitable for baling waste paper, cartons and other materials, which can be compressed into bundles for easy storage and transportation. Designed to emphasize efficiency and durability, it is ideal for improving baling efficiency and reducing costs.

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Description and Applications:

Semi-automatic horizontal baler is a kind of efficient and practical material baling equipment, which is widely used in various industries. It adopts liquid-electric integrated control, flexible operation and easy to realize overload protection. The equipment has the characteristics of fast speed of baling, power saving and practical, etc. It can complete the baling task in a short time, reduce the labor intensity and improve the working efficiency.

It is widely used in food, medicine, hardware, chemical industry, logistics and other industries, especially suitable for automatic packing and strapping of cartons, paper, parcels, medicine boxes, hardware tools, ceramic products, automobile parts, daily necessities, stationery and sports goods. Whether it is inbound operation, express packing, or resource recycling, semi-automatic horizontal baler can effectively improve the working efficiency and reduce the transportation cost.


Working principle:

The operation of the machine is controlled through the electronic control system. The electronic control system is the core part of the baler and is controlled by a computer or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). By pre-setting the program and parameters, the electronic control system can realize the precise control of each component and function of the baler.
During the baling process, the semi-automatic horizontal baler positions the goods to be baled in the correct position by means of a conveyor system. The conveyor system consists of a drive, conveyor belt, guide rails and so on. The drive provides the power source and controls the rotation of the conveyor belt to realize the transportation of the goods. The guide rails are used to guide the trajectory of the goods to ensure that they are accurately positioned.
Packaging materials are provided and packed. Plastic tapes are tensioned and welded by means of tensioners and welders, and sealing tapes are sealed by means of a heat sealing system. Next, the semi-automatic baler completes the packing by cutting the packaging material.
Once the baling is complete, the user can use the cylinder system to complete the final step of the baling process, such as pushing out the bales or performing other subsequent operations.

Advantageous features:

1、Enhance efficiency and save costs: significantly improve material handling efficiency, reduce waste and lower labor costs.

2、Hydraulic cylinder operation: hydraulic cylinder opens and locks the door to ensure safe and convenient operation.

3、Integrated control: PLC, button and remote control are adopted for integrated operation, which simplifies the operation process and saves labor.

4、High-strength force: the equipment is designed with high-strength force measurement to ensure the machine runs stably for a long time.

5、Decentralized cutting knife: The unique design of cutting knife improves the cutting efficiency and reduces the load of the whole machine.

6、Fast and slow speed adjustment: support fast and slow speed automatic adjustment, optimize capacity and reduce loss.

7、Intelligent protection: with anti-overload protection, intelligent control and self-test program to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

8、Emergency stop: Independently installed emergency stop button ensures that the machine can be stopped quickly in case of emergency.

9、Strong durability: High-strength frame design ensures excellent durability and reliability of the machine.

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Stresses 120   tons
Packing size W1100×H1250×L(500~1800)mm
Filling port size 2200×1020   mm(L×H)
Hydraulic system pressure 25   MPa
Motor power 37KW
Bundling method hand strap
Number of bundling lines 5 courses
Charging method manual feeding
Packing method Cylinder Push Bags
Operating method Motorized push-button control
Door opening method Cylinder door opening
Power supply 3P—200V/220V/380V/400V/415V—50/60Hz
Hydraulic Fluid Specifications L—HM   46
Footprint 11000mm×1855mm×3500mm(L×W×H)
Weight 15800kg

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