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Scrap Rubber Tyre Shredding Machine With Roller Screen

WANROOETECH’s newly developed tire or tyre shredder which can shred car truck tires of up to 1200mm into strips and pieces of approx. 150 mm 300 mm. WANROOETECH tire shredders are heavy duty double shaft shredders. They feature additional wear protection compared to other shredders. The machine is equipped with a specially designed rotor, made of highly wear resistant steel with added weld on hard facing for longer lifetime. The blades used in these shredders are made from a newly designed, specialized material to ensure long life time and optimal performance, they can reuse again after sharpening.

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Scrap Rubber Tyre Shredding Machine With Roller Screen Summary Info:
Tyre shredding machine based on the world’s most advanced technology, tire shredding machine is mainly used for cutting the tire without steel wire into 50*50mm rubber blocks in large-scale waste tire recycling plants, which is conducive to further crushing of rubber block and separating of fine steel and fiber. The maximum diameter of the waste tire reaches up to 1200mm.

Our PNSS series tyre shredding machines are discharged by a conveyor belt and transferred to the next second-stage tyre shredding machine or tire crusher. This second stage shredder or crusher is shredding the material into pieces of about 20 mm. This step helps to separate the tire rubber from the steel and fiber. A combination of cross-belt magnetic separators and magnetic drums helps to split the various factions at this stage in the process. During metal separation, we can take out about 99% of the total steel content. And the fiber also can be separated on another device. The steel-free rubber or tire granule can then be packed and used as refuse-derived fuel or transferred to the granulating process, and other applications, such as runways, School playgrounds, rubber tiles, waterproof material, reclaimed rubber, tire additives, thermal insulation material additives.


Rubber Tyre Shredding Machine Components:

double shaft shredder chassis Shredder spindle
Shredder Chassis
The whole chassis is made of welded steel plate and finely machined by CNC gantry milling, which has high bearing capacity, high impact resistance and more stable quality.
Shredder Spindle
The shredder spindle is made of high alloy, forged and heat-treated and tempered as a whole, and then machined into hexagonal, octagonal and spline form by CNC gantry milling after fine turning, with long service life.
double shaft shredder blade Segmented Blades
Shredder Blade
The shredder blade is made of special steel, forged, faded, refined, vacuum heat treatment, computerized wire cutting, CNC grinding machine processing.
Segmented Blades
The segmented blade design can greatly reduce the blade changing time and cost. The blade comprises of the blade holder, and two types of blade segments, with and without hooks. Worn blade segments can quickly and easily be removed and replaced by simply removing the securing screws.
Rotary Screen Planetary reducer
Rotary Screen
To effectively control the output product size, a circular screen mounted around the cutting chamber is the ideal solution.The rotary screen runs at low speed, the oversized fractions are recirculated back to the cutting chamber for further shredding, whilst the sized fraction falls through the screen to the next process.
Planetary Reducer
The reducer chassis adopts welded box, helical gear, planetary gear transmission, with small volume, low noise, high torque and other characteristics, higher transmission efficiency.
motor Electronic Control
The motor adopts Siemens, Wanan and other domestic brands of pure copper motor, with stable and reliable quality, and can be customized according to requirements.
Electronic Control
The whole model adopts frequency conversion control and conforms to international standards such as CE/CSA.


Tyre Shredding Machine Features:
* Compact structure, advanced technology.
* Low power consumption, high efficiency.
* Folio structure of crushing chamber, easy maintenance.
* Hard alloy-steel blade, high rigidity and wear resistance.
* Blade can be used repeatedly after repairing, prolong the service life.
* The oversize tire should be cut before crushing.
* Steel wire grid structure of circle mesh screen makes the qualified rubber discharge evenly.


How does Tyre Shredding Machine Crush Tires into Blocks?
The structure of tyre shredder mainly includes feeding hopper, motor, transmission system, crushing chamber, circle mesh screen, rack and other component parts.
The motor drives the blade in the crushing chamber to rotate through the transmission system. Then put the tire without bead wire into the feeding hopper through the conveyor. As soon as the tire enters the crushing chamber, it will be crushed through cutting and shredding. The qualified rubber is discharged from the circle mesh screen for further processing. And the rubber with larger diameter returns to the crushing chamber for shredding again until small enough to be discharged outside.


Scrap Rubber Tyre Shredding Machine Application Areas:
•Civil Engineering Applications: They can be used as landfill gas trench collection walls, as backfill for road landslide repair, as vibration-reducing material for railway lines and as backfill for maintaining walls.

•Ground and Crumb Rubber: For example, it can be used in paving projects or be moulded into products. Common examples of rubber moulded products include carpet padding, rubber flooring materials, patio decks, livestock mats, movable speed bumps, sidewalks, dock bumpers, railroad crossing blocks just to mention but a few.

•Carbon Source: Instead of using coke or coal in steel mills, rubber can be used as a source of fuel. In fact, studies have recommended that steel mills should adopt the burning of rubber as fuel instead of coal since coal is mined and can be depleted. Using rubber as fuel is a great way for these mills to go green and reduce their carbon fingerprints.

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Model Shredder Motor Power Shredding Chamber Size
PNSS-300 5.5 510×300
PNSS-400 7.5 510×400
PNSS-600 7.5+7.5 510×600
PNSS-800 11+11 600×800
PNSS-1000 18.5+18.5 800×1000
PNSS-1200 30+30/22+22 1000×1200
PNSS-1400 45+45 1400×1200
PNSS-1600 55+55 1600×1200
PNSS-1800 75+75 1800×1400
PNSS-2000 90+90 2000×1400


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