Scrap Magnetic Tape Recycling Shredder Granulator


How to recycling magnetic tape scrap?
The disposal solutions for magnetic tapes are different. Some people think there is not too much value to recycle magnetic tapes. The inner tape is made of a phthalate-laden form of plastic polyethylene which is not recyclable. Also, there is toxic metal especially chromium in the tapes and such kinds of tapes will contaminate the surrounding water and soil. But still some people think the plastic in the tapes can be shredded and sorted for plastic recycling when you have a significant amount of the tapes and it is worthy to have them recycled. Magnetic tapes are made with very light grade plastic material and hence you can find a granulator or grinder to cut these light plastic materials to fine particle size. If magnetic tapes have hard plastic parts, then a magnetic tape shredder is required for the first size reduction purpose.

Magnetic tape recycling is one of the electronic waste recycling. We hope we can reduce the landfill and have more materials to be recycled with the development of recycling progress and technology.

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Magnetic Tape Shredder Machine
Magnetic tape is a compact, economical means of recording medium. It preserves and reproduces different forms of information. You can playback the recording on tape and also these recordings can be easily erased. So much tape can be reused many times. When these magnetic tapes are out of service after years, most tapes eventually either be land filled or incinerated. But is there any better disposal solution?

WANROOETECH magnetic tape shredder and granulator
WANROOETECH size reduction machines have rich experience in handling all kinds of E-waste. Whatever light plastic or hard plastic materials from magnetic tapes, WANROOETECH always provides your best suitable magnetic tape shredder or granulator for the best size reduction result.

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