• Rubber Pulverizer Knife, Tire Pulverizer Knife, Rubber Pulverizer Blade, Tyre Pulverizer Blade, Tire Powder Making Machine Blade

Rubber Pulverizer Knife Tire Tyre Powder Making Machine Blade

The basic principle of the scrap tire recycling machine is the two discs rotate in different orient creates friction between them, this friction generates forces to cut and grind the materials until the desired size is reached. It adopts a wind and water cooling system to control the grinding temperature, makes sure the high quality of the ground material, to meet the products requirement. The material of this blade is tungsten steel, Super wear-resistant; Can be reused through maintenance.

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Rubber Pulverizer Knife Blade Application Areas:
Rubber pulverizer knife tire tyre pulverizer blade is used for the grinding of the waste tire, tyre, rubber material, and rubber pulverizer machine. The rubber powder system is designed to process waste tires into fine rubber powder.

Rubber Pulverizer Knife Blade Description:
Our factory has imported two sets of the CNC machine which are specially used to produce the Plastic Pulverizer Blade, Pulverizing disc, Grind Mill, Mill Disc, Grinding Disc, Granulator Disc, pulverizing disc, they can make sure the high quality of the blades, disc or mill quality! At the same time, we use the D2 material, after treatment, the blades have the feature of high hardness, up to 60-63HRC, and anti-wearing! One set of blades can produce 300-500tons PE or PP plastic granules! If for the PPMC, HIPS, PET, PVC, etc some special hard or rigid material, which can cause the grinding disc, mill or blades to wear quickly, we can coat one layer of the WC, TiAlN, etc specially alloy metal powder, it can make the Plastic Pulverizer Blade’s service time three or four times comparing with the common blades, mill or disc!

Rubber Pulverizer Knife, Tire Pulverizer Knife, Rubber Pulverizer Blade, Tyre Pulverizer Blade, Tire Powder Making Machine Blade

Plastic pulverizer disc blades/knives manufacturer
We are a blades manufacturer engaged in the plastic recycling field for many years. So we have sufficient experience at material selection, heat treatment and guarantee high precision and longer work life of the blades.

Rubber Pulverizer Knife Blade Product Application
1. Material: D2,SKD11,HSS,9CRSI,T10.
2. Hardness: HRC56-60 according to customers’ requests.
3. Triple tempt for optimum wear resistance.
4. Precise heat treatment.
5. Excellent cutting longevity and wear resistance.
6. High intensity, high toughness, small thermal deformation.
7. Blades are eliminated unwanted and uncontrollable residual stress.

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