PVC Shredding Crushing Pulverizing Recycling Line Delivery To Netherlands


Netherlands customer’s PVC shredding crushing grinding recycling line contains swing arm single shaft shredder, overband belt magnetic separator, plastic crusher, screw feeder, plastic pulverizer machine (4 sets), screw discharge, storage silos, pulse dust collector. Mainly used to recycle PVC flooring, big blue barrel, PVC window profile, output 2000-3000kg/h. The whole production line is 1-2 people, and the final product is 25-30 purpose PVC powder. PVC shredding crushing grinding recycling production line has the characteristics of high output, labor saving, small footprint, and dust-free workshop.

PVC Shredding Crushing Pulverizing Recycling Line Delivery To Netherlands

The amount of PVC shredding crushing grinding recycling production line is 500,000 US dollars because the customer’s demand is more, the whole negotiation cycle is one year, and the production cycle is 4 months. I am considering the high labor cost in Europe, fully automatic HMI human-machine interface, PLC automatic control!


Main equipment:


Swing arm single shaft shredder: In order to avoid blockage, because the customer’s PVC waste is packaged PVC flooring, the weight of a pack is 400-500 kg, so you need a powerful shredder to avoid blockage and overload, so we recommend the customer to use a heavy-duty rocker arm, dual motor-driven shredder! Rocker shredder has a large bin, large volume, strong power, fully automatic, workers do not need too much intervention, only need to add material, the shredder will run fully automated, with overload protection intelligent control!


Crusher: Heavy duty plastic crusher machine with European standard design, large output, easy maintenance, equipment bins, and screens, all using hydraulic control, reducing the labor of workers maintenance intensity; crusher knife shaft length: 1200mm; rotary diameter: 750mm! Shredded material crushing output of 2000-3000 kg an hour!


Plastic Pulverizer Machine: Combination of 4 plastic pulverizer machines with centralized feeding and centralized discharge design, centralized dust removal and total frequency control! Large output, centralized operation, save labor!


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