PVC Shredder Machine For Recycling PVC Pipe Cable Film


PVC Shredder Machine Application:
PVC shredder machine is mainly used for shredding PVC pipe, sheet, PVC profile, plastic steel doors and Windows, PVC floor, PVC protection wall, PVC plastic film, raincoat, rain boots, tablecloth, plastic curtain, PVC downpipe, water pipe, wire sleeve, stair handrail, soft PVC products, PVC cable wire, hose, PVC packaging materials, PVC bubble Foam products, PVC transparent sheet and so on;

PVC Shredder Machine Description:
PVC Shredder machine uses the interaction of movable cutter heads and fixed knives to tear, cut and extrude the material into small size. It can be available for shredding a wide range of materials including plastic, wood, rubber, and paper, etc. The cutter head is consists of a basic shaft and pieces of quadrangle cutter. There are four edges that are easy to change. ‘V’shaped rotary cutters are fixed on single shaft. The fixed cutter is mounted at an angle adjacent to rotary cutter to achieve better cutting. The material is grabbed between ‘V’ shaped rotary cutters and fixed cutter shreds repeatedly. During the grinding process, the evenly cutting, saving of energy and reducing of noise are ensured by the installation of ‘V’ shape rotor knives. Also, the knives are very easy to install and remove.

PVC Shredder Machine Video:

PVC Shredder Machine Working Principle:
After the waste PVC material enters the shredding room through the hopper, the horizontal pushing system pushes the material to the knife roller under the drive of the hydraulic station, and the knife roller is driven by the power system composed of the motor, belt, belt pulley and reducer to tear the material. The moving knife is fixed on the moving knife block of the knife roller by screw. When the equipment is running, the material is torn up through the interaction between the moving knife and the fixed knife. The gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife can be adjusted by adjusting bolts. The material after tearing is discharged through the screen, and the size of the discharge is determined by the aperture of the screen. Production can be customized according to user requirements.

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Features of PVC Shredder Machine:
Adopt modular design, easy to disassemble, medium and low-speed large torque;
Shredding machine blade made of DC53 material, high wear resistance, strong durability;
The cutter spindle surface can use tungsten carbide, high wear resistance, strong durability, can be repeatedly repaired;
The main body of the chassis is made higher, designed to improve productivity and reduce bottom noise;
The chassis is equipped with a maintenance door, which is supported by a simple air cap for easy opening and designed for convenient and quick replacement.
Independent control electrical box, the whole system meets CE safety standards, the main electrical software using Schneider brand and Siemens brand.

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