PVC High Speed Mixer Machine Hot Mixed Feed Order


The PVC high speed mixer machine is suitable for mixing and stirring powder/granule/additive/color powder/color masterbatch/plastic and other materials. The barrel adopts circular arc structure, mainly using a special blade structure to make the material form a whirlpool of high-speed mixing and can be heated and modified, is in the standard heating and cooling mixing unit (the unit is the high-speed mixer and cooling mixing unit integrated).

Mixing principle of high speed mixer machine.
Materials in the high-speed rotation of the stirring paddles to promote, along the wall of the container sharply scattered, and from the central part of the container down to form a whirlpool movement to achieve rapid mixing uniformity of effect. In the high-speed mixing, the material gets mixed at the same time, will produce friction between the materials, that is, at the same time there is frictional heat generation, materials and mixing paddles and friction between the container wall, also generated frictional heat, as well as in the container under the joint action of the external heating source, prompting a variety of additives quickly penetrate into the PVC resin, and the formation of semi-gelatinized dry mix.

Principle of cooling mixer machine.
Through the container jacket into the cooling water, under the low-speed stirring of the paddle, so that about 110-120 ℃ dry mix rapidly cooled to below 45 ℃ to prevent the hot material agglomeration, decomposition, foaming, mixer unloaded from the mixed dry mix, should be sieved to remove lumps of material and molten particles for the next extrusion granulation, or direct extrusion of low-foaming products.

Second, the order of adding material
In the PVC low-foaming formula mix, many components, adding a variety of additives such as stabilizers, modifiers, lubricants, foaming agents, foam regulators, pigments, fillers, etc. should be added in order, which is very critical, the wrong order of feeding will seriously affect the normal production and product quality.

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PVC high speed mixer’s normal feeding order is as follows.
(1) At low speed, add PVC resin to the high-speed mixing chamber.
(2) Add stabilizers and metal soaps to the PVC resin at 60°C and high speed.
(3) Adding process modifiers, internal lubricants, pigments, impact modifiers, and foaming agents to the material at a high speed of 75°C.
(4) Adding foam modifiers and external lubricants at about 90°C with high speed stirring.
(5) Adding filler at high speed around 100℃.
(6) At about 110℃~120℃, remove the material at low speed and send it to the cooling mixer machine which is starting.
(7) In the cold mixer, the mixture is cooled to below 45℃ and discharged.
(8) Sieving and packing (or sending into storage tank).

PVC dry powder, after PVC high-speed mixer machine, should be left for more than 48 hours, and then sent to the pvc pelletizing process or directly sent to the extrusion molding process.


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