PVB Plastic Film Shredder Machine


What is PVB and PVB film?
Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is a resin that actually is a clear, colorless and amorphous thermoplastic. It is from the condensation reaction of polyvinyl alcohol and butyraldehyde. Since it has excellent flexibility, UV resistance, film-forming and good adhesion properties, it is mostly used for applications that require strong binding, optical clarity, adhesion to many surfaces, toughness and flexibility. PVB can be cross-linked. PVB film is produced from the chemical modifications from the condensation reactions of OH groups in the polymer, phenolic, epoxy, melamine resins and isocyanates.

PVB film application
Laminated safety glass for automobile windshields and the construction industry is the main application of PVB film. Also, the photovoltaic industry uses it to improve the long-term durability of solar modules.

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How to recycle PVB film?
Take PVB films for automotive purposes for example. When the vehicle is at the end of service life, you can recover the windshield from a waste vehicle and collect them together since PVB film is inserted in the case of the windshield. Then you can screen the windshield and separate PVB film from the glass. Of course, you should remove the attached glass and fine glass from the separated PVB film further. The size reduction of PVB film is quite important in whole PVB film recycling. A standard PVB film recycling system contains a PVB film shredder machine and a PVB film granulator for further size reduction to ideal particles. Finally, PVB film will be extruded for new recycled material purposes.

PVB film shredder machine in WANROOETECH product range
PROSINO brand size reduction machines cover a wide range of shredders and granulators for all kinds of waste materials. A double shaft shredder is the ideal shredding machine to produce film strips for easing the succeeding granulator’s work. As a further size reduction machine, the granulator can produce desired and smaller sizes for final particles. We provide different capacity double shaft shredders and granulators for options. Contact the WANROOETECH team to tailor your PVB film recycling project today!

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