Principle of PVC Pipe Belling Machine Socketing Machine


WANROOETECH plastic pipe belling machine also named PVC pipe socketing machine which used to bell the mouth of pipe, then we can connect pipe with pipe, benk PVC pipe belling machine always to be together with PVC pipe extrusion line in order to bell pipe online.

WANROOETECH is Chinese plastic pipe belling machine manufacturer, our stocketing machine has good prices with trustworthy quality, as we always recommend the PVC pipe stocking machine to our clients who want to buy PVC pipe extruding machines from us.

Some principles of PVC pipe belling machine glue head material pipe, bonding and socket connection is the key and common interface of plastic PVC pipe, we are to carry out belling of PVC pipe shape, these two methods look simple, I think there is a big difference, it is an oral decision to expand, below people see a detailed explanation.

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Belling style of PVC pipe belling machine:
Bonding and socket connection is the key and common connection method of PVC plastic pipe. PVC Pipe Belling Machine is necessary to carry out the belling of pipe fitting, namely flat expansion and glue expansion.

The two kinds of belling are different in ways, and the key is decided orally by the expansion. The work mode of the belling is shown in the figure: For the belling machine, the principle is the same, but the key of the belling is used on the PVC pipe fitting of the diameter, which is very light and light in weight. The structure of the tube transfer operation table is slightly different.

PVC pipe belling machine belling process:
The belling process must be maintained in several positions coherently, which is very complicated compared to other attachment machines.

Translate the pipe: Move the PVC pipe to be expanded to the correct position through cylinder translation.
Heating pipes: Use an oven to heat the pipes for easier plastic deformation during the expansion process.
Expansion operation: Insert the expansion mold into the preheated PVC pipe, and use mechanical or pneumatic methods to expand the pipe under the action of the mold.
Cooling and shaping: After the expansion is completed, the expansion part is cooled by an air cooling system to shape and maintain the shape after expansion.

The whole process is based on the cylinder, hydraulic cylinder or chain drive posture, stroke switch or photocell to keep the limit switch operation, according to the PLC or computer background program to carry out the time, temperature and other major parameters set, to ensure that the whole process work with each other.

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