Plastic Purge Lumps Shredder Machine


What is plastic purge lump?
Plastic is one major raw material that is used through molding machines to form into many products like bottles, buckets, pens, caps, automotive dashboards, toys, chairs, tables, storage containers, toothbrushes and many other plastic products available today. From molding as well as other plastic processing industries, a large quantity of waste plastic material is generated, and purge lump is one of the wastes. Purge lumps usually come in large-sized blocks, they are not easy to handle for further processing without size reduction. Hence purge lumps shredder is an essential machine in purge lumps’ recycling.

What shredder is qualified as purge lumps shredder?
Purge lumps are normally in solid and hard pieces with big size, so shredding is the initial recycling process of these plastic scraps. Not all shredders are suitable for shredding purge lumps. If you shred it with a double shaft shredder or granulator, it can get stuck due to its large size and rigidity. Purge lumps shredder is usually a single shaft shredder. It has a high speed rotary cutter along with a hydraulic-driven movable press plate. The hydraulic press plate pushes waste materials towards the rotating rotor and gets the scraps shredded. Actually, the purge lumps are shaved into plastic flakes by the high-speed cutting rotor of the single-shaft shredder.

WANROOETECH purge lumps shredder
WANROOETECH is a reputable brand for shredders. We have various different purge lump shredders available. There is single shaft purge lump shredder with single motor, single shaft purge lump shredder with dual motor, as well a single shaft purge lump shredder with swing arm design. All our purge lumps shredders adopt a PLC control system with auto-reverse function. The blade materials normally are high-resistant steel such as SKD-II. The rotary blades are with four edges and you can use 4 times by changing the fixed side. Screen size s is customizable if you have a specific size required after shredding. Contact WANROOETECH team for the best-suited purge lumps shredder crusher for your needs.

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