Plastic Grinding Machine For Sale


Plastic grinding machine is also popular as the plastic grinder, plastic granulator or plastic crusher. This machine can end up with a great size reduction in waste handling. It is a very ideal machine to grind materials like PET bottles, HDPE containers, plastic pipes or tubes, and plastic packaging molding scraps. The size or output is different as per the customer’s detail requirement.

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Features of plastic grinding machine
Plastic grinding machine is a cost-effective machine that requires less maintenance but can ensure fast grinding. It has several good features to help its good selling in the market.

It is in solid steel construction which is compact but economical. This machine is very easy to operate and there is no need for a difficult training before operation. The blades are quick and easy for both setting and changing. Blade life is long for better production. The machine requests minimum floor space and you can put it anywhere almost. Also, it is no need for a foundation. Power consumption is not much and the electricity cost is saving. This machine is also suitable for LD/HD/PP/ABC/PVC waste.

The working principle of a plastic grinder is to feed plastic particles into the grinding chamber through a feeding system, and under the cutting and impact effects of high-speed rotating cutting tools, grind the plastic particles into powder. During the grinding process, the powder is separated by a classifier or sieve to ensure that the product particle size meets the requirements. The ground plastic powder is collected for subsequent use. Throughout the entire process, the various components of the machine work together to ensure efficient and uniform grinding effects, while considering material temperature control to ensure material quality.

Wanrooetech plastic grinding machine
Wanrooetech plastic grinding machines are using high-quality material to ensure the machine is durable and productive over time. We offer a wide range of plastic grinding machines for your selection. From motor power 2.2kw (or 3HP) to higher power like 30kw (or 40HP), you can always find a suitable plastic grinding machine in Wanrooetech. All kinds of plastic scrap, HDPE, LDPE, and Polypropylene are all available in Wanrooetech to find the right size reduction machine. All the machines are checked thoroughly on various parameters to ensure flawlessness. It is very important for you to send us your size reduction requirements as much as detail. For example, you would better send us your material pictures, the maximum original size, the final size after grinding, daily output or hourly output, feeding method, and financial budget, etc. So our professional team can recommend the most suitable machine for you within 24 hours.

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