Plastic granules cutting machine failure and attention


Plastic granules cutting machine is common mechanical equipment in the plastic treatment manufacturing industry, which is inevitable in the application, and how should I solve it? What are the places where you need to pay attention to when using? How to maintain maintenance after use? So let’s go with Wanrootech!

Plastic granules cutting machine common fault and solution

1. the screw runs everything is normal
Reason: The hopper is not continuous; foreign matter is blocked or causes the “backward”; the screw groove falls into the metal hardware blockage screw groove and cannot be supplied normally.

Solution: The amount of incident makes the screw feeding continue to be smooth; foreign matter in the displacement of the displacement is clearly removed; if it is determined that the metal foreign body is removed into the screw guide, the screw should be dismantled immediately, and the metal foreign matter is discharged.

2. exhaust holes
Reason: The raw materials are not very cleanly containing debris; the speed of the feed is too fast to cause the screw extrusion to unstable; the plasticization temperature is not enough to screw extrusion is a problem.

Solution: Clean the raw materials clean and then feed or remove the filter; reduce the amount of injection to the plasticization smooth screw; improve the plasticization temperature.

3. Equipment host does not exercise or instantly stop
Reason: The power supply of the main motor is not turned on; it is not enough to heat the temperature, or one of them does not operate, which in turn leads to the torque to promote the motor overload.

Workaround: Checking the device host power circuit is turned on, access the power supply; check each temperature display information, determine the preheating tune, check each heater is not damaged or has a poor touch phenomenon, and excluded.

Precautions should be paid to the application:
1. When the operator is filled, it must be optimistic. Do not enter the material and grasp the temperature.

2. If the plastic granules cutting machine is turned on, the material is not a stick, which is too high, and it can be all normal, and there is no need to stop under normal conditions.

3. water temperature usually should be 50 — 60 ° C, low, so that it is easily adhesive, it is necessary to add one-to-half hot water when the initial open is open. If there is no condition, Plastic granules cutting machine can be used to transport in the particularging machine during granulation. For a while, when the water temperature is increased, it will automatically granulate it.

After breaking, the water temperature exceeds 60 ° C, it is necessary to add cold water to the temperature to maintain the temperature.

4. When cutting the granules, the bar must be pulled to the roller, or the particularging machine will be damaged. If the exhaust hole is struggling to grander, plastic granules cutting machine is proved that the debris has blocked the filter. At this time, it is necessary to quickly shut down the mesh, and the mesh can be used 40 — 60.

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Plastic granules cutting machine maintenance:
1. Maintain the particulating machine is tidy, and timely remove the particularging machine dust and scatter pellets;

2. check the granulator operation status, pay attention to the status of the sound is abnormal and the particulate blocker;

3. in time to remove the cubes in time, avoid bulk material into the particulating machine;

4. resolutely prevent metal and other foreign matter to enter the particulating machine;

5. When you start pulling strips, first a little introduce and remove the head cake. When producing high-resistance products, the initial pull strips do not exceed 5, and the introduction of single adhesion;

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