Plastic Flower Pot Press Mahine


Plastic flower pot press machine is a new type of disposable plastic flower pot moulding machine, which is mainly used for the production of compression moulded plastic flower pots, and it is also an environmentally friendly and efficient plastic recycling machine. We provide a new waste plastic recycling solution for the production of moulded plastic flower pots, which is low-cost and environmentally friendly, and the raw materials suitable for this production solution can be waste plastic, PP, PE, PVC, etc.

Plastic Flower Pot Press Mahine

Plastic flower pots in urban greening, ecological landscape, flower market demand is very large, plastic flower pots processing is generally used in hydraulic press equipment pressing moulding, wanrooe produced a plastic flower pots hot pressing moulding hydraulic press, three-beam, four-column structure, can be achieved in a plastic flower pots hot pressing moulding, pressed plastic flower pots with a smooth surface without the need for secondary retouching, the process is simple, can be shaped in a single operation, the economic results The process is simple can be moulded at one time, and the economic effect is outstanding, and the process can flexibly design various structural products according to the needs.

Plastic Flower Pot

According to the material, specification, thickness and process of plastic flowerpot, wanrooe can customize 100-ton, 200-ton, 315 ton, 500 ton, 630 ton, 800 ton and other tonnage of plastic flowerpot hot pressing hydraulic press, working pressure, pressing speed, no-load downstream and deceleration of the range of strokes can be adjusted according to the needs of the work and can be completed with a fixed-pressure and fixed-stroke shaping of the two kinds of process.


Plastic flower pot press machine process:

Will be cut into a certain size and shape of the sheet, clamped on the frame of the mould, let it in the high elastic state of the appropriate temperature heating and softening, the sheet side of the heat, while extending, and then by virtue of the plastic flower pots hot compression moulding hydraulic press to exert pressure, so that it is tightly attached to the mould of the surface, to obtain and the surface of the shape of the similar samples, after cooling and fixing the shape and finishing that is to get the product. Specific process flow: material clamping – heating – pressure moulding – cooling – trimming.


Plastic flowerpot moulding process in and other plastic products manufacturing process is almost the same, its fixed pressure forming action is: rapid downward – deceleration – pressing – holding pressure -Return -Stop. The action of fixed-stroke moulding is as follows: rapid downward movement – deceleration – pressing – backward movement – stop.

This plastic flowerpot hot press moulding hydraulic machine with servo control system designed and produced by Wanrooe is stable in performance, compact in structure, more convenient in transportation and lifting, powerful in function, and short in custom-made working period.

Plastic flower pot press machine performance characteristics:


New technology

We have updated the traditional plastic flowerpot manufacturing equipment and redesigned it for the production of plastic flowerpots. The production line adopts the new compression moulding technology, which can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials.

Environmental Protection

Plastic flowerpot presses are ideal for recycling waste plastics. Plastic flowerpot presses can turn waste plastics into plastic trays, thus helping to protect the environment.

Highly automated

No manual operation is required in the process, achieving long-term, stable and efficient automatic control.

Low production cost

The price of raw materials is less than 50% of the traditional raw materials for plastic flowerpot production, and the production cost is also less than 50%. In addition, the process of plastic flowerpot production line is much easier and easy to operate.



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