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Metal Crusher

Metal crushers can process all kinds of metal into small granules, such as aluminum cans, paint cans, beer bottle caps, sheet iron, refrigerators, car shells, etc. After crushing, the metal materials will become easy to transport and putting into furnace, reducing transportation cost and increasing feeding efficiency. Metal crusher is suitable for steel mills, metal recycling companies and metal smelters. Hammer crusher is mainly against the impact to complete the crushing material operation. When the hammer crusher is working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed, and the material is uniform into the crusher cavity. The high-speed swivel hammer impact, shear tear material is broken, while the material itself is from the material High-speed rotating hammer head rushing to the frame body baffle, the screen strip, the material greater than the sieve size remains on the sieve plate to continue to be hit and grinded until the desired discharge particle size is finally passed from the screen.

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